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Gua people demand Karo river cleanup

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Noamundi, Feb 8: Karo River in the region has become polluted with most of the people living in the area either throw filth in it and it is also seen that the truck owners usually wash their vehicles there, making the river polluted.

It is to be noted that as per the rule user agency can self prepare a comprehensive plan for reducing water pollution level in Karo Rivers. In this regard Gua Sail management has check dam to avoid water pollution in different part.

Previously Sail management has taken proper action in their league area of Gua bazar Kali mandir Karo river portion to clean properly in the behalf of Gua Ranger Ganesh Lal Bhagat. To avoid dissolving diesel, mobile and other polluted dust in water ranger has taken proper action and made a barrier for the entry of vehicle.

Forest environment officer of Saranda and forest officer of chaibasa area also played active role to take action to avoid Karo river water pollution. It is seen that due cleaning of vehicle, Karo river water not only becoming dirty but also unhygienic.

Water also started containing certain disease. These days due to misconduct and willful behavior of certain people the cleaning action of Karo river has completely stopped. Now the people of this area again demanded from Gua ranger to play active role in cleaning of karo river water as soon as possible.

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