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Congress and AAP may break up till 15th April 2014

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Predicts GaneshaSpeaks.com
: People and media are going berserk predicting and preempting, even as the political parties carry on with their googlies – each day a new promise, each day a new turn.

The AAP has led several campaign against an alleged nexus between government and private corporations relating to price rises for electricity and water in Delhi, demanding justice for victims of sexual harassment and rape, including the introduction of a stronger anti-rape law.

However the party ha become as the second-largest party, winning 28 of the 70 seats in the 2013 Delhi legislative assembly election with conditional support from the Indian National Congress but what next?

With the help of Vedic Astrology, looking at party foundation chart at the time of name announcement of AAP, India’s number one astrology portal GaneshaSpeaks.com feels that upto 15th April 2014 will be extremely sensitive for newly formed party AAP as it may break-up” its alliance with Indian National Congress due to Mars’ transit through the 10th House with Saturn and Rahu, which indicates major crisis, struggle and hiccups in AAP.

With an accuracy level of 85% to 90% GaneshaSpeaks.com feel that current transit of Saturn and Rahu in the Zodiac Sign Libra may cause severe problems for AAP, specifically when it comes to implementing their policies.

The party will be in an anti-establishment mode from middle of January and it will become even louder and stronger during the month of February and March 2014.

There will always be a sense of dissatisfaction in the party cadre and this dissatisfaction may even grow further, developing into a crisis situation.

In this process AAP will be pandering to the majority at the cost of governance. The moral policing and vigilante style of delivering justice will be criticized severely, and it would be very difficult for the Party to convince Indians to vote for them in the upcoming LOK SABHA elections, predicts Ganeshaspeaks.com

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