Why is the fear of police abating?

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By RK Sinha

The brutal killing (martyred) of eight police personnel along with DSP in UP’s major industrial town, Kanpur is a major indication that the fear of police in the minds of criminals is being degraded. Kanpur is neither Kashmir nor naxal influenced area. Despite killing of eight police personnel by criminals in the industrial city raises many questions. The martyred policemen went to arrest history- sheeter Vikas Dubey and what unfortunate happened is known to the world. Vikas Dubey and his henchmen will not be spared now, that is known to everyone. But, the biggest question is what the reason for the aggravating increase is in number of violent attack on police in recent years.

Even the Police, the front line workers, who are risking their lives to protect people even in COVID situation, are being attacked by criminals. Whereas, people at this time have witnessed a hypersensitive human face of policemen all over the country. Few days ago, a sub inspector in Punjab police hand was cut off in Punjab. He did his duty and stopped Nihangs devoid of passes from entering vegetable market. He stopped them because of the ongoing strict lockdown, which was imposed to break the chain of corona transmission. This mere incident provoked the Nihangs upto that extent that they chopped off his hand. The attackers holed up in a Gurudwara. They even fired from the Gurudwara and asked the policemen to leave. By the way, the assailant Nihangs were nabbed. But the presumptuousness shown by them is highly troublesome. A similar situation was created in brass city, Moradabad, when a doctor visiting to treat corona patients, was attacked (pre planned) by a furious mob. The doctor was ensanguined  in the attack. His bloody face was seen by the entire country.

It is highly worrying that, if the fear of police gets abated it will be almost impossible to maintain law and order in the country and anarchy will become Prevalent. Are we heading towards jungle raj( jungle system, where powerful rules over others) ? Any country can only progress if its citizens abides by law and its constitution. Regular carnage of policemen by the criminals is an alarming condition and a wake up call for police and elected governments to think, to overhaul the system to allow perform duties of police force without such hindrance. Can it be assumed that there is a weakness inside the police force or something else ? Prior to Kanpur incident, two policemen patrolling in Sonipat district in Haryana was killed (martyred) . Both the policemen were accorded martyred status. It was a welcome decision. Both the policemen, S. P. O. Captain and havildar Ravindra bodies were mutilated. Prima facie, it is  believed that the killings were done with sharpened weapons. Incident took place in proximity to the police station, means the fear of police is absent everywhere.

In order to restore the fear of police, the priority should be given to recruitment and to fill all the current policemen vacancy in every state. Duty time should also be fixed.

The Police-population ratio should also be fixed as per International standard. Dreaded criminals do not fear policemen, not even a little bit. They have become completely fearless. They don’t restraint themselves from killing policemen whenever they find them strict on them.The police will have to be more careful, active and always alert. If the person, assigned duty to protect others, cannot protect themselves, what will be the fate of protection of common man. Discussing the horrific Kanpur incident, it is matter of debate, despite knowing that Vikas Dubey, himself allegedly has a small self trained army and has latest automatic weapons, why the police chose to visit his place  at 1:30 AM, with inadequate preparation.It is evident that Dubey gang was aware that ,they can be targeted. That’s why they incessantly fired on approaching police. It can be ascertained whether someone from the department was his informer. Now news broadcast that, Dubey once killed a minister for state also in police station itself,  but was acquitted, citing lack of evidence. Is this cannot be said the infelicitous attitude of police and administration of that time.

This futile and immoral collusion between police and criminals became a cause for lifelong grief for some families. Minute perusal of the incident from Patiala to Kanpur, Muradabad etc. exposes the double standards of these Human Rights Organisations and leftist secularists who make hue and cry ,On the deaths of criminals and terrorists, jumps in and start raising the questions of their Rights but became silent and do not say even a word on the attacks on police or whenever they are killed(martyred) by criminals.This dual disposition of Human Rights Organisations is witnessed by the country, Since the era of terrorism in Punjab. Do policemen don’t have Rights? Aren’t they humans?

By the way , this dual charcter is understood by everyone these days . I remember, almost twenty years ago, these leftist Human Rights organisations organised a seminar in Constitution club situated at Rafi Marg in New Delhi. During those days, justice Pasayat was next to the Chief Justice Of India in order of precedence.He was called in, to preside over.I was very impressed with his bold judgements and wanted to see him and also listen to him, so I went there. One by one, all the speakers badly cursed and imprecated the government and police. Many  Jholadhari leftists highly applauded those speakers. At last, justice Pasayat delivered brief presidential speech, which can be guiding light for present scenario. He affirmed that Human Rights is useful. All the citizens and the law abiding Humankind must be provided with Human Rights. But those criminals,extremists, terrorists, naxalites who don’t behave as humans, kill innocent people for no reasons, should be denied of any Human Rights.

The Kanpur incident is a wake up call to address this long standing issue and to talk on the issue of police of pan India.The system will have to get rid off the burden of sluggard, corrupt and slacker within the police force also. Police personnel will have to stand with the comman man. The dedication with which they performed their duties during COVID-19 is highly appreciable. To reinstate the pride and dignity of police , is of utmost importance.  Else, it will be difficult to survive in the country for those who have faith in law of the country. The government will have to reform the service conditions. They must be provided with more Rights and sophisticated weapons. Shooting powers,to defend themselves should be given. Human Rights will have to be redefined and reformulated. Then only police force will perform independently and give their best. At present, a comman police personnel works at least 12 hours a day, sometimes even more than that. It is not possible to work for 12 hours a day and if they are forced to work that much, then it will rupture their efficiency.

The nation will have to make its police force capable and effective again.

(writer is senior editor, columnist and former MP).

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