Washing dirty political linen in public

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By Goutam Shankar Das

A decent and trustworthy government is what a confused Indian is looking forward to in the forthcoming parliamentary election. The Assembly election results may be a reflection on the smoky mirror of hope but, the way the top brass of political parties are going about their political ‘business,’ is a repeat of their curses and promises.

Indians have lived through these cynical gamuts through the beginning of the 21st century because earlier, fewer promises were made and many converted to reality, both, at the state and central levels.

The ruling BJP combine (NDA) boasts of many projects promised, introduced and effectively undertaken to alleviate the dark spots in the socio-economic scenario. But many of such projects had been envisaged by the former Congress led UPA and introduced by the current government, brazenly taking credit for such schemes.
But a few things, however, should not be overlooked. The rural landscape that constitutes a major portion of the population is being cared for.

Electricity, better irrigation plans, laying of more pliable roads, other communication facilities, expansion of the education system to rural segments effectively, elevating the economic canvas of cottage industries, opening the doors of technology to rural youth and trying to strike out a few of the million miseries of farmers, are matters for which, the state and central governments are to be lauded.

The present central government has also launched several social and health schemes that come as manna especially to the deprived lot. These are realities and this special class of citizens, irrespective of the reservation or non-reservation categories who stand on the poverty line, have started realizing the practical effectiveness of these projects.

Call all such ventures as political carrots before the voter donkeys but there is no rationally denying the fact that citizens, rural or urban, are feeling the rays of sunshine even from behind the political clouds.

But, one of the major banes of political acrimony is harping on religion to create social divides. An apolitical survey by apolitical humans will result in people desirous of peace, irrespective of religion or religious practices.

But political parties hell bent on securing chairs in both houses of the Delhi Dome are utilizing the platform by spitting venom on certain religious communities that might ignite flare-ups in other nations. These unethical political higher animals fail to recognize the truth in Mahatma Gandhi’s observation that God has no religion.

The BJP combine may or may not make it for another five year term but the team should be wary of the comments and observations being made by the party braggarts who target opposition attitude and rake up stinking mud in attempted vilification and purported character assassination of opposition ‘behave alikes.’

What the ruling and opposition combine (?) are giving the masses through their public gibberish do not speak of concern for the nation and its people; instead, they delve into bickering and make asses of their opponents who, in like manner, return the unsavory compliments with an additional dash of vilification.

The ruling combine should concentrate on achievements and viable projects it proposes to launch in the course of the next term, provided of course, it is returned to the helm. In the same manner, the opposition team should concentrate on attainable objectives instead of drawing castles in the air for the gullible voters.

The bickering between the opponents continues to leave a bad taste in the mouth. Casting aspersions on one another, attacking privacy and calling each other crooks or using baser terms, create an impression of individual uncouthness. After all, who cares to which manmade social class Lord Bajrangbali belongs to? He is above caste politics, above vile and nefarious thoughts and definitely above fiendish political perceptions.

Common observers are trying to pull out the rat from under the political confusion being deliberately spread while pundits of the game have yet to find the threads of political convictions that prevail on the state and national scenario.

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