Our real heroes are nurses, police constables and medical scavengers

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By Priyanka Saurabh

Of course, different sides of society and government are busy on their ground with the duty to save the people from the corona epidemic and to curb the virus, but in this war, the first queuing nurses, Police constables, and medical scavengers. The employees of this community have been struggling with complete commitment and loyalty against the corona epidemic since the beginning. That is why these people live directly under the target of the Coronavirus, but how sorry and surprising that this class is also becoming the biggest victim of the whips of government policies and power systems. Of course, due to administrative neglect towards this class, the mentality of the people associated with this business has been affected.

These warrior activists who provide basic services along with the threat of their lives through various government programs are the backbone of the social welfare system of the country. But these do not pay enough attention to the conditions under which they operate. Due to administrative neglect, the mentality of the people associated with this business has been affected, but while the comment of the Supreme Court has given a big boost to the people of this community, the decision of the Supreme Court also gave recognition to the loyalty, commitment and valor of these people. Does.

These frontline government employees are true implementers of various welfare schemes and public service delivery. They operate at the grassroots, thus becoming aware of the better needs of citizens, thereby acting as a primary feed-back collector and assistant. But surprisingly, the actions of these warrior activists who save their lives by playing on their lives are reduced to zero as part of their duty, the class whose role and responsibility has been most important in the war against Corona, today Our system is taking its target. Where they should have been given additional facilities due to being warriors of the front line, and where they are trying to save their lives today when the corona gets infected, the lives of all those who save their lives are in danger, if any of them If a member has to go to seclusion or quarantine, then his salary is being deducted these days, at some places he has not even got the salary of months.

Nurses, police, and sanitation workers today are plagued with problems of working hours and wages. The salary of nurses is still a bit good, but the police and sanitation workers are not given the salary that they are entitled to throughout the country. Second, their hours of duty are so difficult that according to them they are not getting the facilities so that they can make their work easier. The pressure of senior officers is adversely affecting their mental health, they have to fulfill the orders of the officers. Today it is very important for the country and society to take all possible measures for the satisfaction of these people.

The lack of a safe working environment makes them sensitive. Today, as a result of the impact of such issues facing the frontline workers, their morale is getting reduced. They have started feeling that their actions are not being seen in society in the way in which they have done their work. In many parts of the country, people proved these things to be true to him. In Hindustan, being careless towards Corona, they are standing on their battlefront with great liveliness in the absence of proper kits and other equipment. Even today, our health workers, policemen, sanitation workers are putting themselves at risk to save the lives of people and come forward and help people. These are the heroes of the war against our corona.

Recently, the Supreme Court is not a small thing to speak on the plight of these warriors of Corona. The intervention of the Supreme Court states that we have not appreciated their actions by heart, nor have tried to solve them by listening to their basics from the governments and administration, which is a very serious matter. We need to recognize their real contribution and strengthen their morale. We have to accept that today we are the reason for this. This amount is not a salaried lower employee, it is our heroes who have saved us due to this, their gratitude cannot be paid only by paying double the salary.

When the doors of every house were closed, these were the people who were taking the news of you from moment to moment. They were putting their lives at stake, then today when they need us then why don’t we go-ahead for them? Coming to The people as well as the government and administration should appreciate their actual work and in return, their stature should also be increased. Officers should take care of their every facility. After all, it is these people who save their honor and succeed by taking the government policy to the ground, pay and increase at the right time, and to give proper place to their image in the society, it becomes an important responsibility of any system, otherwise, that system collapses I do not take long

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