Let the New Year stay undisturbed for at least twelve months

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By Goutam Shankar Das

So, by the time you get to read this piece of print, you would have wished and been wished a billion ‘Happy New Year’ slogans or whatever you call them. Like all other preceding years, 2019 too passed into history with many golden moments and dark patches to gloat over in the years to come. Now that 2020 AD is here, let it stay at least for 12 undisturbed months except for the pro and anti CAA and NRC or NCC or NASA or anything else under the sun if the fiery planet is not moved out of orbit by scheming scientists or their political cousins.

Frankly, it is definitely fun to sit behind the fence and watch politically motivated college children or professional hecklers protesting against the CAA which has not been implemented as yet but should be implemented because the various dynasties excluding the Ming Dynasty that are dabbling in active foxy politics for power at the right, left and particularly centre (no pun intended) at the cost of national harmony in all diverse forms, are not allowing the gullible children of a hapless Mother India to understand that the Amended Act has been brought up to protect all Indian Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Isahis, Bade Bhais, cows, dogs, cats (not for the attention of Ms Arundhati Roy, my boy) and all other animates and also molested minorities from across the various borders like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. So how do the minorities get affected if the CAA is implemented? Unfortunately the individuals of the dynasties and their what you call chamchaas in Chinese understand the value and relevance of the CAA but do not want to share it with their hired hooligans and lured future citizens. But India must adopt the CAA for protection of all Indians and not of any Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Dynasty or Dysentery in particular.

Although some folks who are opposed to sanity might think me insane (even the wife does … sometimes), to be honest, I am perfectly rational and do not call a thpade a spade. I personally feel that apart from carbon-di-oxide being a gas, CAA implementation is a must that should have come into force a long time ago perhaps in BC 2020. Anyway, AD 2020 is not too late either. Otherwise, the way the human herds are being herded by inhuman personal agendawallas, there would be no citizen left to be amended or mended. I am not afraid to urge the government to mend the crooked politicians and then amend the citizens who will then definitely see the immense feasibility of implementation of the CAA. Even the folks whom we refer to as minors, I mean, minorities, will realize that they are not mere vote banks of politicians and political parties that woo and ah them but normal citizens who have equal rights to live under the same sun as their other Indian brethrens do and nurture and share dreams and realities that have gone to make India an international example of a secular state where the byword has been ‘unity in diversity.’ Let that remain so in AD 2020 and beyond.

And by the way remembering that there cannot be happiness without money, I wish you guys a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

(The opinion expressed by the author is entirely personal. The author can be reached at goutam.shankar.das@gmail.com)

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