Endeavor hard, to make India self reliant

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By RK Sinha

The violent skirmishes at the Sino-India border has yet again sparked off calls to boycott imports from adversary country, China. The dependency on China must be superseded by self reliance. As usual, some pessimist leftist/secularists envisage that it is unfeasible. They supplement their prediction by sophistry and weak reasons and mis arguments. They hardly bother about the self pride of the 130 Crore nationalists country men’s pride. Additionally, they are unaware that government of India and Private sectors in the whole country have already resolved, and are endeavouring their level, to boycott China products or to reduce it to our minimum requirements. Initiating with road projects, no tender will be given to companies, having  any kind of partnership with Chinese ventures, to construct government roads, henceforth.

Central Road Transport and National Highway Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadakari, clearly stated that “we have taken a firm stand that, even Chinese companies coming to India through any joint venture will not be granted permission.

Only a few projects are going on, in India in which Chinese companies have a stake. But, they were alloted these projects in the past years. Along with this, after the wretched and crooked act of China in Galwan valley of Ladakh, Indian Railways has also pledged to teach China a lesson. Indian Railways has terminated an agreement with a Chinese company. An agreement of 471 crore was signed with a Chinese company in 2016, in which it was assigned the work, to install signal system on 417 km long railway track. Prior to this, BSNL and MTNL was directed by the government to lessen its dependency on Chinese equipments. Ministry of IT and Electronics recently banned 59 famous Chinese applications from India. Tik Tok, Halo, Wechat, UC news etc. to name a few, these Chinese apps. were prejudiced and  a threat to India’s sovereignty, integrity and security and becoming a source of surveillance on activities, movement and social attitudes of our countrymen . Government, considering this  worrying situation banned these apps,under section 69 A of IT act. Actually, government was recieving inputs about the fallacious use of these apps.

As the government has gird up its loins to counter its adversary China , the private sector is also wholeheartedly supporting it with it full capability. The major Indian steel company Jindal South-West (JSW) has decided to completely stop the Chinese imports. JSW procures raw materials for its steel factory, from China. Now it will procure its demand from Brazil and Turkey. Such moves are initiated by many small and big manufacturers.

It is proved by our Nationalist manufacturers that “where there is a will, there is a way”.We will have to think and proceed , much ahead of China. The import from China in Automobile industry also adds a major share to our trade deficit. It accounts for 40 percent of raw materials from China. Our Automobile Industry will a have to hunt for other way out, till we are self sufficient ourselves. Chinese sympathisers within India, should not forget the martyrdom of our brave soldiers, who sacrificed their lives on borders tackling presumptuous China and if we continue importing from China, it will be an act of dishonouring our soldiers.

From the time, Our PM has given a call to be self reliant India  and Vocal For Local Products, some leftists/seculars and so called intellectuals have predicted that our Pharma industry will run out of business without Chinese imports. Indian generic medicine manufacturers import 80 percent active pharmaceutical ingredient(API) from China. API means the raw materials for all kind of medicines. API is manufactured in India on a low scale and its production must be scaled up. Indian manufactures should import these API’s from other countries, until, we become self relayent in its production.

It is highly troublesome that pharma industry in India earning billions is still dependent on Chinese imports. Why don’t they invest to manufacture of these API’s domestically? They never bothered to become self reliant. And this exacerbate the situation, analysing their inefficiency in manufacturing vaccine of any life threating disease.

We should admit our mistakes gracefully and pledge and start acting to become self reliant even today. We have made ourselves inefficient due to our wrong policies. Isn’t India celebrating “made in China”Diwali since a long time? China dumps thousands of Crores of Chinese lights, crackers, statues of Hindu God’s and goddesses in India before every Diwali. Why did not we even able to produce these small items for our domestic consumption. Decreasing Chinese lights import will boost our domestic products consumption.Poor potters income and living will get a revival. We import everything, but sweets , from China during our festivals.

Industry and commerce organization ASSOCHAM has claimed that Chinese imports during festival is increasing at 40 percent every year. It is impacting Indian industry very hard. Thousands of these small and medium industries might have shut down rendering lakhs unemployed. Even before the dispute with China , Our visionary PM aspired to transform India into a manufacturing hub. But our industries did not pay required attention to his clarion call. But still India has enough required skill, talent and discipline to become self reliant with positive attitude and active support of the present government.

We lacked,in understanding the Chinese intention so far, when it was dumping its cheap goods in Indian market.It was not only government, which will, we ourselves , have to unite and  give a strong message to China. At last it appears that we have woken up. India-china trade is of almost 100 billion. It is highly biased towards China. We import much more from China than export. We cannot continue this kind of deficit trade any more with China. Now, China will have to combat our anger at many stages. And this can be aggravated if we completely end import from China, this will save our foreign currency, balance our trade deficit and the major goal i.e, highly ambitious “AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT” Self reliant India, can be achieved and will help our domestic industries to flourish and pace India’s prosperity and development.

(The writer is a senior columnist and Former MP)

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