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Didi dear, if all Grand Alliance parties have leaders which leader will be the next PM!

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Goutam Shankar Das

Once again commuters in Kolkata’s world of babu moshais and didibhais had to face traffic woes because of hysteric Mamatadi’s call for a historic meeting of all anti BJP parties under the banner of Maha Ganthbandhan or Grand Alliance at the Brigade Parade Ground in the mega city on January 19. The meeting was a show where leaders and representatives of a ‘proposed bond of unity’ lambasted Narendra Damodar Modi for being what he is not.

For instance, Chandra Babu Naidu dubbed him a ‘Publicity PM’, HD Kumaraswamy accused him of being anti-farmers, new kid on the political block Tejashwi Yadav called him a lie-minter while still others converted their gibberish into decipherable repetitions of insanity.

It was the Trinamool Supremo Mamatadi (of Congress president Rahul Gandhi in particular and a few others of this opportunistic opposition) who sidestepped the question of a prime ministerial candidate of the Opposition combine’s by shouting in her trademark style, “There is no need to worry about who will be the Prime Minister.

We will take a collective decision on that after the election. Now there is no question of holding discussion on that issue. It is the saffron outfit that has become leaderless. Ironically, they (BJP) often question who would be the leader of the (opposition) alliance. We have so many leaders working together.

Your (BJP’s) party has become leaderless. In our alliance everybody is a leader, everybody is an organizer and everybody is a worker.” A tall but unconvincing boast a la Didi of course! If, Didi dear, in your so called alliance, everybody is a leader, so who would you like to sit on the hot seat? You may not agree but the truth will be a poke in your eyes.

The constituents of the much hyped Maha Ganthbandhan are purely regional parties except of course the Congress that has produced leaders of the highest order and now is reduced to a party of ‘one family worshippers’ and the world knows about it as do the people of our nation.

Only the Congress, in spite of all its present day fallacies and shortcomings, may be able to garner some votes but the regional parties, some even unknown in their own regions, would prove mockeries of ‘democratic rule’ in other states where they are as good as soiled, blank paper.

Under such compelling circumstances, Didi dear, your combine of leaders, immediately after the LS polls will spill away like damp bomb splinters, playing blame and other games and resort to licking wounds at the regional levels and fight for a place under the Lok Sabha sun where, after their dung drenched image, they may find it extremely difficult to arouse the confidence of the people after their collective beating at the Lok Sabha hustings.

Mamatadi, the country’s sanity level has risen. It can perceive who the right person for the right job will be. BJP led NDA government has done enough development work and the economic growth is perceptible. In spite of Kumaraswamy garu’s cribbing that the government has not cared for farmers, the harvesting community is certainly better off than at the time of the UPA tenure.

Naidu babu’s views of Modi being a publicity PM calls upon himself to review his tenures when he used to publicize what he had done for an undivided Andhra Pradesh and a divided one. As for the kid from Bihar who has called Modi a lie minting factory, should himself not forget his roots upon which this and that scam continues to be focused on.

Didi, what sort of humors the common man is a collective fight of chance seekers to destabilize a growing economy and strengthened defense machinery, is actually a war against one man who stands resolutely to better India and her people with all round development including opening foreign avenues to improve education and business opportunities.

As an antidote to the dreamers who are dreaming of helming the centre, please clean your own backyards first before sniffing up the tree of a sturdy block that has every right to steer the country’s destiny having navigated through troubled waters successfully since 2014. That is exactly what the citizens are thinking, or, in your lingo, the vote bank is thinking.

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