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Right moves from BJP

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The strain in the relationship between Shiv Sena and BJP does not augur well for political stability in Maharashtra. It seems that Shiv Sena has hardened its stand to test BJP’s political will.

However, Shiv Sena is still keeping all its options open and it shows that everything is not over yet between Shiv Sena and BJP and that there are still possibilities of a rapproachment between the two.

While the strained relations between the two parties will not make senior leaders of both the parties very happy, the fact is that Shiv Sena has taken the game of political hardball a little too far.

It is true that leaders in both the parties would still want a resolution to the tricky issues that have cropped up between the two parties.

However, it seems that a resolution would not be possible unless Shiv Sena supremo realises the need to come down a few notches below his stated position. A reconciliation would be in the interest of Shiv Sena as well as BJP.

It goes to the credit of the BJP leadership that it has taken a clear-cut stand on most of the tricky political issues that have cropped up in the recent times. While the party has realized the need to have political alliances in the areas where it is not strong, it is unwilling to make too many compromises just for the sake of keeping its allies happy.

BJP also seems to be making the right moves in Jammu and Kashmir, a state, on which it is focusing very seriously.

The former separatist leader and People’s conference leader Sajjad Lone today met the prime minister Narendra Modi as well as senior BJP leaders and indicated that he had a political discussion on post election scenario in Jammu and Kashmir with them.

This is a smart move from BJP leaders because Sajjad Lone is a respected leader of Jammu and Kashmir and though his political fortunes have seen a decline in the recent times, he is still treated as a reliable politician and his stand presently is not too vitriolic as far as Indian democracy and its processes are concerned.

If BJP does strike an alliance with Sajjad Lone’s party in Jammu and Kashmir, theirs would be a formidable political alliance in the state that Congress and National Conference would have to contend with.

The good words that Lone had to say after his meeting with the prime minister must have come as a surprise for the establishment in New Delhi. His comments are positive and shows that the vibes between him and the prime minister were good.

One only hopes that Lone recovers his lost political ground in Jammu and Kashmir and performs well. Leaders like him can do a fair bit in ensuring rapid development of the state, which deserves far more than what it has got till date.

All this only proves that the BJP leadership is treading cautiously and in a measured way as far political moves are concerned. It would be interesting to see what moves it makes in the coming days in Jharkhand once the Assembly results are announced.

A lot will depend on whether it gets the desired results or not. For now, it seems the wind is blowing its way and would continue to do so for some time unless it makes some big political slips.

Vimal Agrawal

Editor at The Avenue Mail
Vimal Agrawal is the Editor of The Avenue Mail. He can be contacted at avenuemail @ gmail.com.
Vimal Agrawal

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