Jamshedpur needs to arrest deterioration in law and order

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The shocking incident of a Tata Motors officer being shot dead yesterday night has come as a rude shock to those citizens who still believe that compared to other townships of Jharkhand, Jamshedpur is still a peaceful city. An array of criminal incidents in the recent past has highlighted the need to review and re-strengthen the functioning of law enforcement agencies in the city. The policing system certainly needs to be re-strengthened. Criminals must be brought to book and criminal activities must be clipped in the wings to ensure that peace in the city remains unhindered.

A city is not merely bricks and mortar. It has an underlying spirit and a sense of togetherness too. These days, we are often asked about our native city, in the same manner as people would ask about our gotra, clan and state a few decades back. These days, the city we belong to also forms a part of our identity. We are stereotyped on the basis of the city we live in.

The residents of Jamshedpur have always taken pride in its cosmopolitan culture and largely peaceful and urbane living conditions. Yes, there has always been an undercurrent of criminal activities, but things have generally remained within control. The police and the people of this city have always managed to get the upper hand after every spurt in criminal activities in this city.

The murder of Tata Motors AGM Brajesh Sahay is shocking because it raises the specter of criminals being emboldened by their success in committing a crime and then escaping to safety with ease. Citizens would feel safe only if the criminals are apprehended quickly and punished with alacrity. Police action after a crime determines to a large extent when and how the next crime would take place. One can only hope that the assailants of Brajesh Sahay would be identified and booked quickly so that criminals feel the heat of law. Law and order of this city is too important a matter to be left to the mercy of a few stupid criminals.

Everyone will fully agree with the view of former national president of Builder Association of India, Mr. B N Dixit, when he said in the meeting of CII, ASIA and SCCI at Chamber Bhawan yesterday that law and order too should be treated as a basic raw material for industries and businesses. Indeed, industries and businesses can work efficiently when there is no fear of crime and criminal activities. In fact, law and order should be treated as the first and foremost raw material for industry and business. Any breach in law and order is bound to have a great impact on industrial and business activities.

Economic recession has had an adverse impact on industries in this city. Economic activities have slackened and businesses are down. Given the situation, any decline in law and order at this juncture would come as a big dampener for the city. The police too should realize it and should ensure that no further fall in law and order is allowed. Preserving peace and law and order in this city is everyone’s responsibility. The citizens too should do everything to help the city police in containing criminal activities. After all, it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the city he lives in.

One also agrees with S K Behera, chairman, CII, Jharkhand,  when he underlines the need to set up an international airport in the city. In the CII meeting yesterday, he did make it clear that despite all efforts to expedite investment in the city no new investor would think of investing here until there is an international airport in the city. It is sad that the city which is known for its world-class civic amenities does not have an international airport yet. Government authorities should realize the urgency of the situation and should do everything to ensure that all the impediments in the way of airport are obviated as soon as possible. The city needs good law and order as well as a good airport to be able to attract more investment.  

Vimal Agrawal

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