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Indian websites offering great spoofs and satire

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Discovering a couple of new spoofy and satirical Indian websites has been my biggest achievement this week. And what a hilarious experience this has been!

After the dullness of mind caused by the constant streaming of news programmes relating to a certain Arvind Kejriwal via numerous 24×7 news channels and the scare caused by pepper-spraying MPs in the Parliament, it was a great pleasure to watch a few spoofs on TVF website.

Some of the videos on this website have already gone viral and are busting the YouTube charts. I am yet to finish all that the website offers. But a few that I have already watched can be described as simply brilliant as far as spoofing quality is concerned.

For us Indians, Cyrus Broacha is still the ultimate word in the world of spoofs. His impact on spoofing genre is visible on many of the videos available on TVF website too.

In the recent times, a few Indian websites have gained in popularity owing to their unique content offering. Although, the reach of internet has been increasing very fast in India in the recent times, we Indians,  mostly, have been consuming content.

Creation of content in India has been comparatively low for a long time. However, things are changing very fast as availability of internet connection gets easier and wider. TVF and AIB are a few of such sites which have been creating ripples in the virtual media exclusively on the strength of the unique content they offer. In fact, on AIB website you can find some of the best and popular stand-up comedians cheering you up.

I could not stop myself from laughing when I watched this recent spoof. Arnab Goswami of Times Now and Arvind Kejriwal from AAP would be happy to watch such great quality spoof. This one spoof equals 1000 critics and consultants. Why pay money to consultants when you can learn the same things by laughing at yourself? 

The quality of content on Indian websites is improving with time. In fact, some sites like Faking News and Unreal Times have been bringing us excellent satire for quite some time. Thanks to the popularity Faking News site gained within a short time, it has been taken over by Network18, though its quality and uniqueness remains unchanged.

There are many like me who prefer to read news items on Faking News website rather than on the real news websites. That is because the excellently written satirical pieces give us a better perspective of things happening around us. 

For example, If you want to  get a feel of  the book “The Hindus – An Alternative History” by Wendy Doniger, you would find yourself in a real soup. First, the book has been withdrawn by Penguin.

Second, after Tuesday, it is not even available on Amazon now. However, if you are an enterprising person and have already managed to download a copy from the internet, you will find yourself staring at an unending text, which is not only boring but taxing too.

You will go mad trying to finish that book. However, there is another instant Maggie-noodles solution. Go read this satire on Faking News! The piece will give you a true feel of the content of that book and you will get a fair idea about what that book contains and what the brouhaha is all about.

And when you have finished that piece, don’t forget to watch this amazing video that has already gone viral.

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