NTTF officials demand security

Give NTTF all protection, but please re-open it!

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Vimal Agrawal

It is really very sad to learn about indefinite closure of Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) of Jamshedpur. More disappointing is the fact that the institute has been forced to take this drastic step to ward off unnecessary political interference, which had been causing heat for the last few days.

NTTF has evolved as a premier technical institute of the city and has been rendering a yeoman’s service in imparting technical education to scores of youths in the city. It has earned laurels for its quality education and its students have been performing well after being employed in leading industries.

Our city as well as our state lacks quality educational institutes. Very few new educational institutes are coming up. And even those few that we have today are facing immense problems due to general apathy from the government.

The lack of required support from the government and the administration is what ails most of the institutes in the state. And political interference is another bane that threatens to undo these institutions of repute.

NTTF has been subjected to unnecessary political interference and chicanery. Every educational institute has a right to frame its own rule. The mandatory requirement of 90% attendance before being allowed to write examination may seem to be a bit too strict, but there is nothing unusual about it and if the institute insists on sticking with this rule one should give it the freedom. The rules were in force for every student and it should solely be the institute’s discretion to waive the rule in individual cases and special circumstances.

While it is every student’s right to raise a dispute over a rule that he or she feels is unjustified, political parties do not have any locus standi on the subject. If a student’s appeal were turned down by the school management and if he or she felt that it was unjust, the option to move the court was always available. What are courts for after all?

The fact that these options were not exercised and political pressure was exerted on the management does not augur well for the future of education in our city.

Political parties would do well to desist from temptations to interfere in purely administrative matters of an educational institute. If they felt that injustice was being done to a student, they should have advised the student to seek court’s interference.

We need good institutes. And good institutes need good rules and a freedom to function independently sans any external interference.

The NTTF management too should realize that closing down the institute indefinitely is not in the long term interest of the students, though it does send the right signals to the concerned parties. They should not buckle under external pressure. But, they should also keep the interest of the students in mind while taking decisions.

It is good to be a stickler to rules. But then rules are only a means to achieve goals, not the end themselves. NTTF management needs all protection. But, they should also announce re-opening of the institute.

Vimal Agrawal

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