Education is much more important for society

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Noamundi : Govind Pathak District President Singhbhum west of International Human Rights organization said that that education is much more important for tribals .To get food is important but education is much more important than food.

In every village there is need of schools having standard like D.A.V. in the local area it is the responsibility of local company to establish schools for better education.Without education a living person is like a blind man.In lack of education no one can be ahead in the society.

He told that he will give priority in the development of education in this area. A nation can develop only if children are educated.

Children having a momental changeable part in the childhood.In this period any kind of impression easily be marked on children.

He told that in this area Children are the backbone of society so change in the life of people can only possible if their children are educated.It is our moral duty that we should always cooperate and help poor people as per their need.

He also told that it is moral duty and essential for running iron ore mines company that trained the people and make a path of earning for them.It will also a leading work for our nation.

He told that in west singhbhum there is a need of steel factory to carry out and all total iron ore of the area. In a painful condition .

Pathak President told that Barajamda Government hospital condition should must be change as by supply more no. of doctor and other needy things.

Pathak also told that about the the problems of present of society.

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