Why Me? : A poignant poser on the fallout of domestic violence

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Jamshedpur, July 12: A packed SNTI auditorium greeted Indrani Singh’s maiden foray into the celluloid world of short films when her concept and direction at today’s premier of ‘Why Me?’ with a loud round of lingering applause.

The premier’s event opener was the National Anthem followed by ADLS Sunshine School teacher Monika Sarkar’s rendition of a popular song through the years, ‘Ae malik terey bandey hum,’ in her rich and mellifluous voice. Next up was choreographer Astha Das in the company of Anoushka Pandey who performed a dance number on varying human attitudes on the recitation by megastar Amitabh Bachchan. His baritone voice and the performance of the duo captivated the audience.

In her address, writer-director Indrani Singh said that it took two years to translate her concept onto celluloid took two years of corrections and mental visualization.  She said that her experience in observing children in various stages of withdrawal symptoms made her ponder deeply on the causes and consequences of such mentally suffering children. “It is the attitude of the elders, specifically the parents that need changing. The prenatal trauma undergone by mothers has a negative impact on the child still in the womb. This happens usually duye to domestic violence and the causes of such social sickness are many. You can counsel grownups but not four year olds. I have tried to drive this point into society with this humble effort of mine (Why Me?),” Indrani stated.

Tathagata Bhattacherjee, the chief of Take5 Communications of Kolkata who provided the technical support with his team while he himself was the technical director of ‘Why Me?’ is himself a filmmaker of wide repute in all genres of this format. He said that he was thrilled to hear the story and took it upon himself as a challenge to carry across the message to people about the darker shade of life affected by domestic violence. He said, “The subject needed very delicate technical handling. I tried to keep the film short and smart in accordance with director Indrani Singh’s visualization. I have great plans on the anvil. After the film is premiered in Kolkata, I will try to project this film on national and international short film forums. You may like this film or you may not like it. But you cannot ignore this film.”

Speaking on the occasion Vice President (safety, health, sustainability) Tata Steel Sanjiv Paul observed, “When Indrani Singh came to me to narrate the story, I listened to her narration but my attention was more drawn to her emotional aspect and the modulation in her way of narrative. I was highly impressed. But seeing the film, she has come across, not only to me, but to all the people present in the auditorium as a person with a mission to start reforming our attitude now.”

Acclaimed educationist Lalita Sarin expressed that instead of shunning people who indulge in domestic violence, people should give them the assurance that they too have a place under the sun. “Give them care, understanding and give their families a sense of reassurance. This is a mission we are about to start on. Let us spread it.”

Well known social worker Bailey Bodhanwala stressed that one of the chief causes of domestic violence was the feeling of superiority among men. “If such a person’s wife gets more recognition in society, he, after a time, feels peeved and resorts to take it out on his wife. I would suggest to mothers that love your sons and daughters equally. This will imbue a sense of respect in your sons for their sisters and for women in general. We celebrate Rakhi festival as a symbol of protecting our sisters. It is also a symbol of respecting womanhood. This reasoning should start at home and ensured in school.”

The entire program was anchored by theatre and film actor Siddharta Sen in his unique and dignified manner punctuated by his witticisms that ensured unflagging audience attention.

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