Was Thomas Malthus really a false prophet

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Jamshedpur, April 3: So, coronavirus has reared its ugly head in the hitherto safe domicile of Jharkhandvasis. One in Ranchi and the other at Hazaribagh have tainted the hitherto clean canvas with the red colour of danger. Yet some human imbeciles in Jamshedpur continue to abide by their rules of care-a-damn attitude while flirting with this Satanbug. The tireless and may be thankless efforts of the district administration and the police have not been able to hammer in sense into these human imbeciles. If the police are acting tough and using their batons, albeit restrictedly, it is being driven by a sense of desperation as the good intent of keeping people safely shut at home is not working out on certain human species hell bent on getting infected and spreading the infection at home, colony, state and country. Taking refuge in holy places and thinking that the Creator will banish the corona blues is a folly as the Creator helps those children who help themselves and certainly they are not helping themselves by serving COVID – 19 meals. Even dogs and birds have stopped visiting these places and prefer the slum and residential alleys as better options for scavenging for food.

It is indeed laudable that social individuals and organizations including the Modi Ahaar and Jan Ahaar schemes pushers are providing food and essential food material to the poor and needy. They have all the good intents of ensuring that none goes to sleep hungry. Of course, it is another matter if hunger can lure sleep. Yet, people are thinking of their more unfortunate brethren and catering to their one basic need of nourishment. But the point is, is social distancing being maintained when such nourishment is being distributed? It is difficult but possible if the hungry lot is sternly asked to do so. If dogs and cats can be trained, why cannot humans? The stubborn and retarded grey cell holders do not come in this group because such creatures will never learn.

Members of the media move around the city to see and gauge human activities during this lockdown phase. Markets are still crowded, men and machine hang around on the roads or in colonies and slums even if they do not have any urgent beckoning to attend to. The Deputy Commissioner, SSP, City SP, DSPs and other important officials continue to make surprise appearances on these scenes and chastise the higher animals on moral responsibilities. They listen but get back to their monkey-cluster ways once the officials’ backs are turned. If that is not a mockery of serious concern then what is? One would blindly opt for the rural climes where the corona fear and social protection rules are religiously adhered to.

Octogenarian Dipak Ghosh of Sitaramdera was pensive when he observed, “I don’t see why people can no longer make their lives simpler. Here people cry for holidays and when the government gives you this period of breather, why can’t you stay at home and relax with your family? Go out once, purchase whatever you need including medicines and come back home. It is only because of some people who do not see the light of reason that the police have to work overtime to ensure that the rules are followed.”

Well, Dipak Babu is but one in a majority of rational people who far outnumber the incorrigible, uncomprehending blotches on the human race who are determined to promote the threats of coronavirus. Perhaps, it is this breed of mortals that Thomas Malthus had envisaged while compiling his theory of population. He had observed that over population would be balanced by disease, pestilence and many more. Such human bugs who enjoy flouting norms of safety are the excess population that needs to be removed from the social scenario and kept in the isolation wards of jails for the safety of the genuine human beings who are genuinely trying to keep corona attacks at bay. Was Malthus a false prophet after all?

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