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Virtual deathtrap at New Baradwari four-point crossing

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Jamshedpur: The four-point crossing at New Baradwari has seen many accidents since long. Joint petitions and applications by the residents of this locality have been blindly overlooked resulting in quite a few accidents, some serious and some not so serious.
Speaking on this score Subroto Das (Bapi), an old resident of New Baradwari said, ”We have been witness to a lot of accidents at this dangerous four-point crossing. Many a time, local residents, local shanty businessmen and passersby have taken accident victims to nearby hospitals and nursing homes for treatment. We have also brought this matter to Tata Steel and JUSCO authorities but it has not borne fruit thus far.”
This sore point is situated adjacent to the New Baradwari Sewage Pumping Station and in front of the old telephone office on Janata College Road. This zone sees a lot of vehicular traffic especially because it is the link to Mango road.
Vehicular movement is mostly at a peak beyond midnight. The younger generation that include motorists and bike riders brazenly pass through this point of fragility, especially during evenings and late nights endangering life and limbs. Bimal, a tea and snacks seller near the ‘deadly’ crossing, stated, “The occurrence of small and serious accidents is a regular feature here. Young bikers who throw all cautions to the wind while crossing this four-point area are the causes and ends of many mishaps. They speed along nonchalantly and don’t care about other vehicles or people on foot while meandering dangerously along this busy stretch. Unless speed breakers are put up at the four points, this place will continue to be a risky point.”
Other residents and wayfarers are of identical views. If accidents occur before people retire for the night, the accident victims can be helped out. But once the lights in New Baradwari homes and shops are switched off, the crash victims have very little chance of getting help. But there is the consolation of police vehicles making the rounds regularly and they are the Samaritans who arrive at the accident spot and take charge of the accident victims.
The need of the moment, as gathered from the residents, is the acute and immediate necessity of putting up speed breakers to put a check on rash driving. When the ‘speed machines’ slow down while approaching these barriers or bumps, the now dangerous four-point crossing at New Baradwari will enable people to breathe easy.

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