Vehicle checking drive adds to coffer, police earn Rs 45 Lakhs a month from Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur: Thanks to vehicle checking drive, including helmet checking, the district police are earning revenue of Rs 45 lakh a month from the Jamshedpur. The crackdown, carried out by the traffic wing of East Singhbhum police, is catching over 300 bikers, mostly school students, riding without helmet daily. The drive is conducted simultaneously across four traffic police stations – Sakchi, Bistupur, Golmuri and Jugsalai.

The penalty for not wearing helmets is Rs 270. No driving licence invites a fine of Rs 500 and missing insurance papers cost a biker/motorist Rs 1,000.

“Our aim is not to charge fines and fill up state coffers but to drive home the virtues of safe riding and not putting self and other lives at risk on the roads. We are laying focus especially on riding without helmets,” said an official.

Concerned over the rising cases of road mishaps, the district traffic police embarked on a drive checking the helmets of riders and pillion-riders too and also ensure that the visor of the head-gears is clean and in good condition.

“Considering the rising cases of mishaps taking place the two-wheeler riders will have to wear helmet along with the pillion-rider. We are conducting random helmet checking drive, and if found any pillion-rider without a helmet, then he or she will have to pay a penalty of Rs 270 as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act,” said an official. He went on add that women pillion-riders will also have to follow the rules.

The city police are carrying out drive to check two-wheelers at as many as 20 spots in the strategic locations across the city from Monday evening.

Revealing about the drive, superintendent of police (city) Prabhat Kumar said that the vehicle checking, especially helmet-checking, was stopped for over a month in view of the Lok Sabha elections in April and May.

“During this period when the helmet-checking drive was stopped due to deployment of police force on elections duty, not only the two-wheeler riders felt free riding without helmets, but the vehicle lifters also had hey days in absence of the adequate cops. We have, therefore, started carrying out special drives in which we will check the riders without helmet beside checking the vehicles papers so that stolen vehicles could be detected,” said Kumar while talking to the newsmen.

According to the city SP, the checking drive will be carried out from 9 am till noon and again from 4 pm till 7 pm daily until a further decision.

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