Traffic mayhem at Sakchi, Bistupur roundabouts

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Jamshedpur: Traffic mayhem abounds in the city especially on road crossings. But the ones at Sakchi and Bistupur are nerve-rattlers. A few traffic cops, if and when they are there, look on helplessly while four and two wheelers cast off all traffic norms and wedge their way through improbable openings in the melee in a bid to get out of the rut which they ultimately cannot; instead, they add to the chaos.

Thanks to availability of easy vehicle loans, motorcars and two wheelers have multiplied on city roads. However, the greatest sources of confusion are the two wheeler menace especially the motorbikes.

The speed merchants are bereft of knowledge of traffic norms and zigzag through crowded places mostly unnerving other road users by their unwarranted dare devilry. They have been the causes of many accidents but the authorities to check such nuisance are scarcely visible. True, traffic cops cannot be present at every place but they surely can make their presence felt through surprise drives as they do in case of helmet checks.

It may be possible if not feasible to install traffic signal lights at the Sakchi and Bistupur roundabouts. These can bring in some semblances of discipline among the people using cars and two wheelers as also pedestrians who too add to the traffic chaos.

There are many plans one gets to read about in newspapers for streamlining traffic movement. Yet, in spite of all serious concerns, it is almost impossible to check the incessantly growing motorized mobility. Only rational traffic control planning and execution may set things partially right.

Traffic police should check driving licenses at least when they launch their regular helmet checking. Most of the young riders who make the streets their circus arena, may not have their driving licenses. These daredevils should be booked along with their guardians and strongly reprimanded. It may not work initially as there are other speed zones for these rough riders but they do put the life and limbs of themselves and other road users at stake for no city road is bereft of traffic.

Though the traffic department cannot be dubbed lackadaisical, it has to come up with some very stringent measures to check the menace of traffic chaos prevailing at roundabouts in Sakchi and Bistupur. But these two traffic hell-points are mere examples. There is mess at practically every road convergence spot. Let the departments concerned give the matter a deep think before the pandemonium exceeds the already frayed points of sanity.

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