Stray animals in Jamshedpur get radium belts

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Jamshedpur, Aug 14: Jharkhand Animal Welfare Society (JAWS) has intensified its drive to fit radium reflective collars and inject anti-rabies to stray dogs in the second phase of the campaign.

The programme started from Sakchi and went to Mango, Dimna, Baliguma, Mango bus stand. The society so far fitted radium reflective collars to 101 stray dogs and 20 cows. In addition to this, the society also administered the anti-rabies vaccine to 33 stray dogs.

The idea of collaring is to protect animals from injuries and accidents on the road also to promote the idea of safe driving among citizens. The citizens should keep a watch for animals on the road to avoid accidents.

The society’s joint secretary, Utkarsh Kashyap, said that “We often fail to spot animals at night time, especially when there is dense fog.” However, now this radium reflective collar will help to find stray animals easily. Significantly, due to the cold and dense fog and heavy rain, during the day or night when nothing is seen nearby, stray animals roaming the streets can call for a big accident at any time. The idea of collaring is to motivate citizens towards safe driving and to protect animals from injuries and accidents on the road. Anti-Rabies on the hand is to protect not just the dogs but also humans from getting rabies in case of a bite. These vaccines protect both humans and animals. We vaccinated 33 dogs with anti-rabies”. 

An ardent animal lover involved in this campaign Akash De said : “We would like people to get more and more involved with this campaign and play their role in the duties assigned by the Constitution towards these mute animals. Only with the help and support of citizens and good volunteers can we do a better job”.

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