Speaking logic in Jamshedpur: Echo in the tunnel of stupid nonchalance

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Jamshedpur, April 7: The heartening news is that no coronavirus has been reported thus far from the Kolhan Region. The info of four positive cases in Jharkhand is as painful and fear-arousing as it is across the international scenario but the ‘discoveries’ have come at a juncture when the world is counting the infected and the dead. Yet, it must be said that Jharkhand has so far recorded the minimum positive cases in the country.

Narrowing the social microscope to concentrate on the city, Jamshedpur, like the rest of Kolhan, is not yet under the porous umbrella cover of the dreaded virus. The credit goes to the district administration, the police and to the saner, rarer citizens who are maintaining indoor discipline to the hilt. Of course, they do move out for necessities like bread, milk, medicines, vegetables and other available household bric-a-brac. Otherwise, they stay put in their homes using spare time in qualitative pursuits like dusting old bookracks, playing with children and grandchildren, irritating the wives for too many ‘one extra cup of tea,’ gardening, reading, watching TV and many more activities apart from putting in forty winks at given opportunities.

The other good thing is that summer is in bloom with the sun spilling its fiery venom after midday. The tireless police even during these sweltering times have these few hours to let the harness loose but only just. There are mongrels in human garb that defy all safety norms and roll along the roads to catch heatstroke or COVID strikes at short notice. Fortunately, as the corona threat increases, the human mockery of safety norms begins to ebb. Mankind is sparser now as seen through masked eyes.

However, the scenes forenoon are as irritating and as apprehensive as they have been since the clamp down of lockdown. Grocery stores and vegetable markets in Jugsalai, Mango, Sakchi, Kadma, Adityapur and Sidgora see a deluge of human waves tossing and ripping aside social distancing norms and clamoring for essentials which each can get in a more dignified manner. But ‘who cares’ seems to be the disorder of the day every day.

Yogesh Khanna of Ramnagar observed, “People will never learn. I can well understand that staying at home most of the time leads to boredom once in a while. But staying in is the best preventive measure at such times. Why crane your neck out and catch the avoidable coronavirus? My son goes to the vegetable market later in the day and yet finds ample vegetables to last us a couple of days. There is no rush at those times and social distancing too is safely maintained. There is still time my friend to remain safe and keep the rest safe.”

Rahul Pramanik of Amda Basti is all in favor of extending the lockdown period. “The corona scare is far from over. People are still seen moving around with no purpose. How long will it take for these elements to get infected? I will not be surprised if curfew is set in motion for the stupidity of a few people. But for all practical purposes, the lockdown should be enhanced by at least another week or thereabout.”

People should know that one infected person could ‘contaminate’ a huge segment of mankind. The district administration and the police are doing their jobs excellently but it is impossible to awaken a person who is awake with eyes shut to reality. Unless a person realizes the corona terror he is exposing himself to by going out to gather trouble creeping all around, no police, no military or paramilitary forces can drive social ethics into hollow cocoons. You can shout your throat hoarse with “Maintain social distance…don’t go out except for getting essentials,” but that will come back to you like an echo in a tunnel of stupid nonchalance.

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