Some Jamshedpur junkies whose metamorphosis from apes to virus continues

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Jamshedpur, July 14: At the outset, it would be downright dishonest not to applaud the yeomen services being rendered by the district and police administrations, JNAC, Mango Municipal Corporation, Jugsalai Municipal Corporation, Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited (formerly JUSCO), medics and health staff, sanitary workers… well, the list is long. Three cheers and much more to them for saintly people have to be given their dues. Fortunately, there is still a segment of citizens left, though miniscule in comparison, which understands the gravity of every situation and out of disciplined instincts abides by government and administrative rules. This segment should also be lauded for their good citizenship or else, the coronavirus count in the city would have trebled if not more.

In spite of all the protective protocols put in place, the larger segment of Jamshedpur junkies whose metamorphosis from apes to virus continues to ascend notoriously, are hell bent on lampooning the precautionary strictures and are seen roaming around the various streets and market places, making a mockery of a rational human species. The Deputy Commissioner has issued a very logical order that only a single person can ride a two wheeler, two passengers are all that an autorickshaw can carry and only three persons can ride a car. District, police, Notified Area officials have been on the constant prowl to ensure that the growing corona infection can be harnessed. Many have been intercepted, admonished and fined yet, one should acknowledge that monkeys cannot be taught to eat ginger for fear of developing piles. That is why, the rational onlooker wears a petrified look as he sees oafs loaded with girl friends and boyfriends on two wheelers zooming and zigzagging across all lanes and main streets with a two-hooted care for social distancing on their fragile vehicles for fear of loss of face among friends and foes who applaud filmi dadagiri.

The vegetable markets reopened on Monday and one had to see the surging crowds at these places to believe that the spirit of Unlock-1 and 2 had not been lost to good sense. People were pushing against one another to thrust their bags and hands between legs and torsos to buy this and that and other things considered essential for living until they, their families and localities gave the coronavirus a free and prolonged run on the fields of human lives.

Even on Tuesday when footpath vendors had a field day by opening shop here and there and everywhere in the market places, the crowds were not to be missed. Push cart vendors, footpath or mid-road sellers ensured that social distancing was taboo and man and cows being social animals, had the liberty to engage in unethical ways of spreading coronavirus. The police administration along with Magistrates and JNAC, MMC, JMC officials literally charged into Sakchi market many a time and chased away the street or corona vendors seizing many of their stocks and carting them away to the police stations. The concern for their earning ways led the administration to show its kinder side and urged them to sell their wares at the spacious Ambagan Maidan. But the plea did not work. These people felt that customers would not go to Ambagan Maidan. So they did the next best thing and ‘resettled’ in Sakchi market. Who will reason with them that once they shift to that spacious ground, customers will automatically come to them. Like it happened with the Tina Shed Market. Once some level headed shopkeepers shifted to that market, others followed suit and the crowds of marketers still continue to flow there including the cows and bulls who are symbols of ‘all’s well with the market.’

But one heartening factor that was observed was that Sanjay Market in Sakchi and Kamani Centre in Bistupur saw downed shutters for the administration felt that the crowds of marketers and loafers were more in these places that stood to endanger their own species. The other point of optimism is that the saner segment is now calling for re-imposition of Lockdown or, at least, stricter vigilance over those guys and gals (and they are uncountable) who prefer to pooh-pooh all protective nomenclatures and live life as they were intended to live… as social degenerates. But for the comparatively few who want to live and let live, let the authorities implement the rules with the firmest of hand and baton so that the remnant of city civilization rests in living peace.

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