Schools caution parents against touts in Jamshedpur

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Parents being approached with admission lure

Jamshedpur, Jan 14: Schools in the city are warning parents to beware of touts this admission season. Leading English medium schools have said that they are receiving complaints of parents falling prey to rackets involved in admission lure. 

Admission touts are not uncommon in the city, where most reputable schools receive a far greater number of applications than they can accommodate

According to information, touts look for preys and promise admission saying they know certain ‘important’ people in the school and they can get admission. They ask for money (any amount ranging from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs) to get the admission done through the back door.

“We have witnessed cases where they print notices on false letterheads (supposedly given by the school ) giving information about interview dates, sale of books and uniform, orientation etc. These notices are forged and when parents go to the school for an interview or to buy books the school authorities deny them permission even to enter the school. Letters purportedly signed (forged) by the Principal, Secretary of the Managing Committee, bearing the school stamp are given to the parents. Needless to say these are all fraud,” said a school principal, who wished not to be quoted.

She said that feeding on the despair of anxious parents to secure admission in a good school for their child, there are a few touts/middlemen/fraudsters who take advantage of the situation to make a quick buck.

In a few cases, the child gets into the admission list by pure luck. But the touts tell the parents that it is because of their intervention that they have got the admission. The innocent parents are happy that their money has secured them admission. This is absolutely not true.

In a few rare cases the touts return the money (mostly it is not all, only a part) to the parents after three or four months when they are not able to secure admission for the child.

Father Pius Fernandes, principal, Loyola School said that the parents need to be careful. All the schools in the city follow a standard procedure for admission and the parents should not get lured to the touts. 

“Let me clear to the parents that no school takes money for admission. Therefore never ever give money to any middleman who promises admission. Even if he/she assures you that there is a 100 % chance of getting admission, do not believe him/her. All schools put up important information regarding admission on their school website. Therefore do not trust notices which do not have letterheads.  Schools will not send notices through middlemen. Any notice will be given directly by the school office,” said an official.

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