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Police crack Rahul Shukla murder case, one arrested

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Jamshedpur, March 2: The police cracked the sensational Rahul Shukla murder
and loot case registered with the Birsanagar police station by arresting one person in connection to the gruesome incident.

The arrested person was identified as Pavan Bajpayee, a resident of Sagun Palace in Kashidih,

While arresting the assailant, the police recovered Rs 21,000 cash and gold and silver jewelries from the in law’s house of Bajpayee in Purulia district of Bengal. Apart from the
looted cash and ornaments, the police have also recovered the hammer, a bike and two cell-phone sets from the possession of the accused.

Revealing about the breakthrough, senior superintendent of police, Amol V Homar said that the murder was committed by the victim’s own relative and the money factor was the main reason
behind the gruesome murder.

Talking to the newsmen, Homkar said that the assailant Bajpayee had close link with the bereaved family.

“Bajpayee, who used to carry out a petty business at Mango was in knee-deep loan and was in need of money urgently. He had found no better way to amaze the money by looting the house of Rahul Shukla at Birsanagar,” said the senior SP.

Revealing about the way Bajpayee committed the murder, the senior SP said that the assailant had visited Rahul’s house at 4 pm on that fateful day, when there was no one else than Rahul.
“As Bajpayee was wellknown to Rahul, the former talked to the latter for about 15 minutes by sitting in the drawing room. Later he asked Rahul to fetch a glass of water. The moment
Rahul took a turn for fetching the glass of water, Bajpayee hit his hard with the hammer which he was carrying along with him clandestinely.

The assailant had hit on the victim’s head twice, causing him to fall down in a pool of blood. As he fell down, the assailant picked up the almirah key and took out the cash and all the
ornaments kept inside by opening it,” Homkar narrated while talking to the media.

According to police, Bajpayee stated at the house about half-an-hour after attacking Rahul, and after taking the cash and jewelries, he rushed to Tatanagar station’s vehicle stand, where he parked his bike having dropped the hammer at a field in Golmuri area.

He had later caught the Tata-Chhapra Express in the night for reaching his in-law’s house in Purulia. “At Purulia, Bajpayee handed the jewleries to the owner of jewelry shop, Ramgariya Jewellers for getting them exchanged and was staying at his inlaws’ house when he was caught
by a team of police officers from Jamshedpur on Saturday evening” said Homkar.

He pointed out that the team of police officials from here had also confiscated the looted jewelries and cash by interrogating the accused at Purulia itself. According to sources in
the police, the police was initially in complete dark about the assailant, but they had got the clue about Bajpayee after asking the widow mother of the murder victim.

According to police, prior to killing Rahul, Bajpayee had made an abortive attempt to kill
Rahul’s mother on February 26, but as Rahul’s sister Punam was at home he could not execute his plan. The jewelries Bajpayee had taken out include gold neckless, gold chain, rings and

Notably, Rahul Shukla (27), who would run a grocery shop at Birsanagar, was found lying murdered at his house at Zone No 3 in Birsanagar in the evening of February 28.

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