One that is scared seeks pardon, the brave compensate: Acharya Vijay Prakash

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Jamshedpur, Jan 02: Under the aegis of Srividya Shakti Sarvaswam of Chennai and with the blessings of Shrimata Lalitambika Rajrajeshwari Tripursundari on the sixth day today of the nine-day Shri Amba Yagna Nav Kundatmak Sahastrachandi Mahayagna and Srimad Devi Bhagwat Katha Gyan Yagna, narrator Acharya Vijay Prakash Maharaj enraptured the devotees with his discourse on the Haya dynasty and the Suryavansh and Shaktipeeth.

He said that Lord Brahma, in order to seek blessings of Shiva, meditated for 10 thousand years after which He received the powers and created saintly human with Marichi being the first among His godchildren. In the lineage, the first male child born was Vaivaswath Manu. The Suryavansh progeny was expanded by Ishwaku. Manu had eight sons and a daughter including Ishwaku, Nabhag, Dhrisht, Sharyati, Narishyant, Pranshu, Arisht and Kurush and Sudyumna as his sole daughter. Being a daughter Sudyumna did not get a share of the kingdom.

Explaining further, Acharya Vijay Prakash Maharaj Ji informed, “King Sharyati along with his family went out for sightseeing. They settled down near a beautiful lake. The children went around the place and playing games. While ambling around, the princess saw two gleaming objects casting rays like that of glow worms. She was astonished and turned inquisitive by this strange sight. She tried to dig the two glowing objects out with a stick but she was more astonished to see blood oozing out of the objects that she was trying to dig out. Sukanya, the princess was also saddened by the sight. One that is scared asks for forgiveness but the brave are prepared to compensate. Sukanya understood her grave mistake and like a braveheart decided to compensate. She did not care about the pain that gouging out her eyes caused and by her act created a tradition which made the dynasty hold its high with pride and honour. Sukanya married a blind, old man and was totally devoted to serving him. The Gods were impressed by her devotion and gave to Sukanya’s husband, Chyavan, his eyesight and youth. Thus Sukanya’s life turned joyous.”

While describing the Shaktipeeths the Acharya stated that listening or reciting the texts on Shaktipeeths the fathers and forefathers get peace on earth and in heaven. He stated, “Wherever the parts of Devi Sati’s body or pieces of clothes or jewelry fell, Shaktipeeths were established in those places.”

On the sixth day too 31 hosts performed the Yagna. On Friday, January 3, the talks will centre on the advice of Devi Geeta to Himalaya, the appearance of Ma Parvati and the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Among the thronging devotees were former Chief Minister Raghubar Das, Devendra Singh and Pawan Agrawal who took the blessings of the Mother and the Acharya.

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