Omission of Sikh community from Jharkhand BJP committee painful: Kulwant Bunty

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Jamshedpur, July 5: The announcement of the new BJP state committee by the party’s Jharkhand president Dipak Prakash has been welcomed by all members and total support has been pledged to the office bearers and executives. Yet, there are traces of rancor among the Sikh community members who feel cheated as not a single member of the fraternity has been featured in the state list of the BJP.
Former BJYM state secretary Kulwant Singh Bunty, in a letter to Bharatiya Janata Party national president JP Nadda has mentioned that while the list of the new Jharkhand state committee has been welcomed by all segments including the Sikh community, it was painful to note that not a single member of the fraternity featured in the list of the executives.
Bunty pointed out that Sikhs are a major constituent in Jharkhand and are engaged in various business pursuits like industries, hotels, transport, timber and various other fields and are spread across Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Ramgarh and other towns of the state.
Kulwant Singh Bunty lamented in the letter to the BJP national president, “We of the Sikh community have always been in the forefront in times of distress always providing selfless service to the people in need. We are associated with various Sikh organizations across India that have a large number of our community members from Jharkhand. Even in the realms of politics, the Sikhs have acquitted themselves credibly whenever their services and cooperation have been sought. There are 110 Gurudwaras in the state and thus the Sikh population can be gauged but sadly, the claims of the Sikhs have been overlooked while forming the party’s state committee of executives. The Sikh fraternity is hurt due to this factor. Are the Sikhs incompetent of responsibility? Are they not to be trusted? These are certain reckoners that are hurting Sikh sentiments and pride. You are requested to give the Sikh Samaj the pride of place in Jharkhand that it richly and rightfully deserves.”
Some leading members of the Sikh community lauded the announcement of the new Jharkhand state committee of the BJP but at the same time vent their disappointment and anger at not a single member of the fraternity not getting a spot in the list. Most of them were unanimous that they would meet the BJP state president Dipak Prakash and represent their claims for a place in the party’s state committee.

Sukhwinder Singh Sabbi (Former Jugsalai BJYM president)
While congratulating the new office bearers and executives of the state body, I feel saddened that not a single member of the Sikh community from the features in the list although Jamshedpur is known as ‘Mini Punjab.’ We will meet our state president and convey to him our demand for inclusion of our community member in the state list of executives.

Inderjit Singh (social media convener, BJYM, Jamshedpur Mahanagar)
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has offended the sentiments of the Sikh community by not including a single Sikh from the entire state in the list of executives. First, we were removed from the minority cell and now we stand discarded even from the main stream. The Sikhs are naturally feeling cheated at not being provided any responsibility by the party’s state administration.

Chanchal Singh Bhatia (vice chairman, Central Sikh Naojawan Sabha, Jharkhand)
I congratulate and offer my best wishes to the new committee of BJP state executive. However, I am saddened by the fact that not a single member of the Sikh community from Jamshedpur, known as Mini India, has found a place in the list. We will meet state president Dipak Prakash and put forward our demand for our community’s representation in the state committee.

Gurprit Singh Raja
The Sikh leaders of the party (BJP) are hurt and angry. Was not any among the Sikh leader in entire Jharkhand eligible for a state post? The entire Sikh community has been ignored while formulating the state executive body. The whole process does not look correct from any angle. The BJP state leadership should look into the matter seriously.

Ravinder Singh Rinku (Veer Khalsa Dal state president)
Yes, I am definitely very upset and angry at not a single Sikh finding a place in the state committee. Jharkhand has a thick population of Sikhs and based on this quotient, the party should have included at least one member in the executive committee and this is not right. The Sikh community has always been socially conscious and it continues to reach out to people and places at times of distress. There are many BJP leaders in our community who work selflessly for the people and the party but even they have been neglected and yet, the powers that be have dealt with us in a step brotherly manner which is an insult to the Sikh community.

The mood among the Sikh community members is that of hurt and humiliation. They feel that there should have been representation in the party’s state body. One of them questioned, “What message do the BJP state bosses want to give by neglecting us from the list of executives?”

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