Oh! But for these ‘enemies of the people’ of Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, March 31: They say habits die hard. Actually, whoever accidentally coined the term must have meant, bad habits die hard. Although the district administration and the police have been able to drive in the corona and baton fear among the citizens of Jamshedpur, there are certain elements hell bent on committing suicide and/or genocide by latching on to the virus and ‘distributing’ them to the community.

Why do people wish to go out on morning walks or evening walks? For fresh air and exercise when almost non-existent ozone just about skims over the atmosphere? These good men and women and ‘others’ can very well perform yoga and other exercises at home with open windows letting in fresh air. The corona depends on droplets for transportation and not bird droppings. If the coronavirus is planning its next move while ‘recuperating’ in dry zones outside, it can never come in through windows. So, do the exercises or yogic asans from healthy homes. Forget walks or strolls if guys want to be safe and keep others safe.

The police especially are a hapless lot in spite of their best efforts. There are some who will not change (for the better that is) and persist with mocking social laws like lockdowns. In fact, there are some hoodlums who go for walks and strolls on two-wheelers. Yesterday, along with the walkers, these bike borne blue jays were also nabbed by a ‘citizens made tougher’ cop force and confined in various police stations and released after hours in comfortable custody where social distancing was observed.

They were ultimately let off after stern warnings to follow self imposed curfew unless it be for essential work. By the way, young guys zooming around with girls of their temporary choice do not come under essential commodities act. But one good thing noticed is, the girls have their faces covered more as protection against being recognized than the coronavirus itself.

If guys and gals think that they can hoodwink the police by lolling around town without being seen by the protectors in khaki, they are mistaken. The police control room has CCTV cameras at all vantage points across the city and tabs are kept on every movement.

Never dare to outwit the thus far kind hearted and polite police on duty. They have started wielding the baton sine the last two days and the operations got worse today, the seventh day of the safety oriented lockdown.

East Singhbhum SSP Anup Birtharay has stated in no uncertain terms that henceforth, if anyone is seen moving around anywhere without any other purpose but for purchasing essential commodities will have FIRs tagged to them and put into legal hassles. Such will be the fate of these enemies of the people (pardon the similarity to playwright Henrik Ibsen’s scathing social observation, ‘An Enemy of the People’ written in 1882).

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