No-Honking Policy a necessity in Jamshedpur!

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By Anup Mishra

Traffic has grown exponentially in Jamshedpur over the years. One has to adapt to the chaos it brings to the city. Driving on the city roads is becoming more difficult each day. The unrelenting noise from the blaring horns is making sane people crazy. While the traffic rules are often discussed, no-honking policy is never part of the traffic management discourse.

According to some studies, continuous exposure to high levels of noise causes stress and makes one irate and angry. It may not be life threatening but it certainly affects quality of person’s life. The greatest source of noise pollution on the streets of Jamshedpur is sound of honking. It is observed that many people while driving honk unnecessarily as if it is some kind of entertainment. Even in the morning with almost no traffic, people can be seen deliberately honking. It is no longer a device just to alert other vehicles and people on the road but to show off expensive bikes, cars etcs and sometimes to tease girls.

Its high time now and we must put a no-honking policy in place here at Jamshedpur. To start with we can enforce the policy at places like bistupur, telco etc and then expand it to whole city. But implementing such a policy would be a challenge to the traffic regulators as the fact of the matter is that people here don’t even follow basic traffic rules. I have seen people honking at hospitals, near schools and near strict no-honking zones.

In many countries across the globe like US, Germany, England etc unnecessary honking is considered disrespectful and rude. In some of their towns it is illegal to honk unless in dangerous situation.

Here even pedestrians and drivers are to be blamed as they dont follow traffic rules which causes accidents. So as precautionary measures people regularly uses honks. To successfully implement no-honking policy we need to educate our people too. So to control noise pollution and its effects on us, authorities of the traffic management team at Jamshedpur should take no-honking policy implementation on priority.

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  • flexicode

    Corruption is the root cause of all evils. People don’t pass a traffic test to earn a driving license but buy one. As expected, those flashing such a license do not know the ABC of basic traffic rules leave alone safe driving. Jamshedpur is a city where rear view mirrors are considered useless. Use of high-beam at night in city traffic is a norm and no-one gives a damn to it. Honking is so overused that it does not alert anyone anymore but has become a daily dose of traffic use. Overtaking from left violates traffic rules, tell anyone and be prepared to face a “what nonsense” look.
    I think a complete overhaul of licensing is the need of the hour. Purchase of two-wheelers must by mandated with a traffic test pass certificate. Four-wheeler driving license must be cross-checked more often and Rs 50 should not be enough to shake anyone’s integrity on the road.

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