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Multi-storied building sealed in Dhatkidih

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Jamshedpur: A team of Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee sealed a multi-storied building in B Block, Dhatkidih, on Wednesday for alleged deviation from approved building design. The JNAC had given approval for constructing the building up to second floor. But the builder concerned continued construction up to sixth floor. Despite getting three notices from the JNAC, the accused builder did not give any reply, said Sanjay Kumar, Special Officer, JNAC.
Kumar ordered that a fine of Rs 1 lakh should be imposed on the accused builder and the building should be sealed immediately.

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  • Amit Saha

    Great Job JNAC. public support with you on this. Please do not let these these type of unauthorized construction to take place otherwise this place will become worst for living.

  • Navin Patadia

    Why only fine with one lakh the same builder will sale one illegal aparment
    for minimum 25 lakhs. Fine builders in such a way they will never dare to indulge in building by law violation.

  • Amit Saha

    There are many under construction multi-storied buildings (G+6) in B Block, Dhatkidih so why only JNAC taken action this building? Every one is doing violation and it is rampant. JNAC please visit each and every line of A Block and B Block of Dhatkidih and take action before it is too late. Tax payer money being used for this illegal constructions and how will you justify this? We need more action and stop illegal construction of multi-storied buildings.

  • Navin Patadia

    How come these few Muslim builders are using public or tax payers money for their purpose to make illegal construction for illegal immigrants? Dhatkidih area should be stopped from making any construction unless they start making illegal buildings/apartments.

  • Navin Patadia

    JNAC must take immediate action to clam down on this rampant illegal construction taking place in Dhatkidih.

    This will bring many evil things. Illegal buying and selling of properties are already taking place but cannot be ruled of illegal finances.

  • Amit Saha

    Despite notices from JNAC to builders in Dhatkidih area, builders are not even bother to reply and continue with their work and deviation from approved building design. Even the sealed buildings are work in progress status during night time when JNAc people are sleeping.
    JNAC need to find a way stop this. Still there are many buildings under construction and deviation from approved building design but JNAC yet to serve notice. When JNAC will take action.

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