Mirror, mirror on the wall will Corona leave Jamshedpur at all

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Jamshedpur, Aug 5:Among all the fake things in circulation including currency, cosmetics, chemicals, companies, politicians and pirates, there is hope yet — the COVID thing is genuine and right from Donald Trump to Xi Zing Ping or something will testify to the devastating worth of it for it continues to account for lives and hopes. More powerful than the most sophisticated nuclear weapon, COVID has the potential to torture mankind to death. The nuclear stuff takes care of misery at one go going by the boasts of powerful toy manufacturers. So, the sadistic joy of the whole thing in the whole game will be missing. But in the case of cousin COVID, it tortures, grinds, mocks before it kills or mercifully opts for another human donor.

The term, ‘Donor’ may be confusing. But for the Jamshedpurians, it denotes philanthropy in an absolute festive light. Charter a WW 1 aircraft and if it does take off with you, just look below and you will find colourful dots of citizens moving around in packs and herds, hedging and pushing and farting silently all along the market and other public places, streets, avenues, hospitals and perhaps, forbidden joints that unfortunately cannot be seen from up there.

Now, back to earth and if you can make it down to the Sonari Aerodrome, join the fun of the now life sized colourful crowds you spotted from above.

Whoever misled people into believing that like others of its kind, the coronavirus too cannot be seen with the naked eye, far less with the covered counterpart? Any virus is a million times smaller than the atom of newts.  But did the set of micro biologists ever document the fact that this coronavirus has the characteristic of contaminated water that can take the shape of the vessel it contaminates? One need not strain through the most powerful microscope to decipher the traits of this latest bonanza. The corona viruses are shaped in the varying moulds of human imbeciles who feel it beyond their sodden dignities to follow administrative protocols. And thus, this special pedigree is found crowding markets, public places and zooming around town on their two-wheelers, The administration has prohibited more than one rider on two-wheelers; but there is absolutely no mention on carrying (or not carrying) more than two, three, four and more. So the law-keepers do not attempt to catch them. 

Then our friends, the friendly autowallahs! Apart from breaking traffic norms they have been seen carrying more than three passengers in blatant disregard for norms that stipulate carrying of just two passengers in the rear (of the vehicle) at enhanced fares. The enhanced fares are in place as are the pack of passengers at the back and front.

Colourful facemasks, from simple to designer, from genuine to fake now add colour to markets with footpath stalls looking more attractive which dissuades the administrative body from evicting colour from endangered lives in markets. The congestion and pandemonium in all markets of beloved Jamshedpur are caused by these footpath vendors who feel free to open shop at any spot on market roads. Man, machine, bulls and allied homo sapiens buy and sell, besides necessities, coronavirus to merrily spread a contagion that the government and administration are trying to contain in an almost losing endeavor unless, of course, the authorities decide on enough is more than enough and go about using batons freely on social offenders. If the child refuses to take medicine, does mama dear prepare to put it in a grave, or, does she try other ways for the child to swallow the bitter remedy?

People are now pestering the Almighty to forgive them the sins of their own killer creation called Corona. His Holiness the Dalai Lama had once observed, “If you ask God to save you from trouble, God will say, ‘You made it so you clear it. If I had made it I would have cleared it.’ ” 

So it is and so be it. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ feels much better than solemnly uttering, ‘Ram Naam Satya Haye.’

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