A man of God

A Man of God

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By Syed Aftab Alam
, Feb 19: Musleh Maud Hazart Bashir Uddin Mahood Ahmad was the second Iman of Ahmadiyya Muslim community. He was born in 1889. He became Imam of the community at the age of 25 years in 1914 and died in 1965. His entire life was the proof of the existence of almighty god as the founder of the community had prophesized about his birth, long life and his exceptional work in 1884.

He was not only a great Theologist but had full command over the knowledge of different streams of science & arts. Thirst to spread the message of peace of the founder was the motive.

Beginning of “ All religious Founders Day “ on 1939 in all over the world was a great step towards the theme of Islam i.e. Peace, Providing financial contribution in building a Gurudwara in 1935 was the illustration of Ahmadiyya thought of respecting others place of worship. When he donated rupees one lac to Gandhijee for rehablitaion of Hindu victim of Noakhali riot in 1946, he tried to demonstrate the saying of the founder of the community “MAIN SAB KA BHALA CHAHTA HOON “(I am well wisher of all).

It was Musleh Maud who outlined the famous Ahmadiyya administrative system under which there is no fear of injustice, corruption and criminalization. In his book ‘Islamic Economic System’ he not only discussed upon communication but also concluded that such system has much limitation. To bridge the gap between “Have and Have not” he represented “Ahmadiyya Wasiyat System”.

“Nationalism is an integral part of belief “is the saying of Hazart Mohammad (s.a.w.) and Musleh Maud wanted that each Ahmadi behaved according to this. For all round development, peace and brotherhood among the countryman, he stopped Ahmadi to involve any type of strike, blockade of road, procession etc. During strike in Tata Steel in the 1958, fifties Ahmadi employees worked with “Black Band” in their arms.

More than 20 crores Ahmadies all over the world is celebrating Musleh Maud day today and once again take pledge to continue the mission of peace, brotherhood, Nationalism, development and non violence shown by Musleh Maud based upon Quranic Teachings.

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