Mamata in the eye of a storm amidst Kolhan Bengalis

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Jamshedpur: Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, by staging her latest dharna against the central establishment has not only blown a storm in the teacup but has herself been sucked into the eye of a storm. Instead of making an issue of this jaunt of hers, The Avenue Mail decided to find out the reactions of the Bengali community in Kolhan Division.

Defending or protecting people named in the Saradha Chit Fund and Rose Valley scams is not going down well with the people of this Division. They are keeping tack on the current Bengal political scenario and are against the development that is projecting a negative profile among the denizens of that State and the nation as a whole and more so that of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Here we present some snippets of opinions of the Bengali community residing in the Kolhan Division.

Sonari resident Amitava Dhar answered the question with an interrogative opener. “When she was in the opposition, didn’t she demand a CBI enquiry at the drop of a hat for even the most minor probes? A scam is a scam, no matter how big or small.

By defending a public servant that too an IGP and DG Rajeev Kumar who is suspected to be holding some key documents that can lead to more names being spilled Mamata Banerjee is throttling free and fair CBI enquiry ordered by the Supreme Court. No sane person can support her or her actions.”

Most of the Bengali people almost hold the same views. Their contentions are worded differently or feature parallel issues. Soumen Ghosh of Agrico believes, “Mamata Banerjee is a politician and this is another political stunt that puts her nearly with ‘Mad King’ Mohammad Bin Tughlaq. Instead, to bring the truth to light, investigation is essential. The Bengal Chief Minister to provide cooperation to the CBI. By creating obstacles, she is herself spoiling her own image.”

Jagadish Das, a Burmamines resident said rather vehemently, “What is Mamata Banerjee up to? Instead of protesting against the CBI investigation to obviously protect IGP and DGP Rajeev Kumar who took charge on June 1, 2018, she should demand investigation against all the suspects in the Saradha and Rose valley scams. The case is also in the Supreme Court’s scanner.”

When we came across Mita Sanyal who resides in Sakchi, she too opined with an initial question. “Why didn’t Mamata Banerjee protest when her TMC MLAs were herded away to jail in Odisha? Apart from throwing the blame on the centre for ‘maligning her government and her party’ what precious little did she do? This dharna is just a stupid political stunt that will push her further down the ladder of her political career and the chances of her Grand Alliance at the LS and Assembly polls.”

Retired government school teacher Rathindra Nath Mahapatra of Adityapur too expressed his disapproval over the Bengal Chief Minister’s dharna decision as he observed, “How could Mamata (Banerjee) construe the Supreme Court order as a vendetta politics of BJP? CBI is an independent agency, an autonomous body that investigates wrong doings and the Saradha scam is a big fish in the net. By questioning the Supreme Court order which she calls ‘BJP’s politics to belittle her and her government’ she is belittling the Constitution. The Bengal Chief Minister, instead, should allow the CBI investigation.”

Partho Bhattacharjee was on his way back to his residence in Telco when he stopped by for a cup of tea at a Tinplate shanty. “By protesting an absolutely legal investigation and getting the CBI officials booked instead, she is causing the suffocation of a democratic process that includes the right to information. It is indeed ironical when she says, ‘BJP is killing democracy.’

I do not have any political leanings but the Supreme Court ordering a CBI enquiry is correct and none can or should legally deny it. If it is a political stunt on her part, Ms Banerjee should know that people are now more alert and see who is doing what. Mamata Banerjee no longer take people for a ride,” said Partho between sips of tea.

Partho Mukherjee of Sonari bluntly commented, “It is a shame for the people of Bengal and the entire country. 3everybody can see through her façade and gauge her political stunt which will not hold water. Mamata Banerjee is again proving to be an opportunist and blaming the BJP for instigating a CBI enquiry against an IG is just a negative political way of saying that the people are being made to be lambs to the slaughter house! How ridiculous. Her act of trying to thwart CBI investigation reeks of foul intents. She is strangling democracy.”

Raghu Hansda of Gamharia changed tracks a wee bit while stating, “Mamataji is speaking of democracy while she herself is killing it. CBI investigation is a democratic process of unearthing crime. In the case of CBI investigation against a police official, she blocked the proceedings. The Supreme Court then ordered the investigation to the cooler climes of Shillong. But all protests and dharnas by the TMS boss and her party and government will not be able to prevent the investigation from taking place.

Moreover, in a democratic country, any citizen can at least move freely in the country. Political meetings can be organized anywhere. But why didn’t Mamataji’s government allow former CM of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chechen or former Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda to hold meetings in Bengal? She even tried to prevent UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and BJP president Amit Shah from addressing rallies in her State. But Yogi and Shah did keep their appointment with Bengal and addressed huge crowds. Isn’t she killing democracy?”

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