Maharaja Agrasen attained Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings: Guru Narmada

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Jamshedpur, Sept 20: The three day Agr Bhagwat Katha commenced today at the Agrasen Bhawan in Sakchi with ritualistic fervor. The program, organized by Purvi Singhbhum Zila Agrawal Sammelan on the occasion of the 5,143rd birth anniversary of Maharaj Agrasen, had a packed auditorium mesmerized by the narrator Acharya Narmada Shankar Guruji’s lucid style of delivery. Narrating from the Agr Bhagwat, the Acharya detailed the birth, education of the Maharaj at Tandya Rishi’s Ashram, his participation in the Mahabharata war, his 1,100 days of penance and Goddess Lakshmi appearing to him at the end of the penance. He said that Lord Agrasen had the blessings of both Lord Ram and Lord Shri Krishna.

A Suryavanshi, Maharaj Agrasen was worshipped as Kaliyuga’s most religious man and a man of courage and manliness. These were the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna upon him.

The narrator stated that Agr Bhagwat was a very ancient religious text. This tex revolved on the awakening of the sense of responsibility, dedication, duty and manliness. The human life is the greatest form of creation and it is God’s blessing to take birth as a human being. “Before listening to the Srimad Bhagwat Katha you have to bow before the holy text in obeisance and reverence,” Guruji stated.

Agr Bhagwat begins after Srimad Bhagwat. By understanding the Bhagwat one does not only come to know the Lord but also go closer to Him. Citing an example, Acharya Narmada Shankar Guruji said, “No soap has been created to cleanse the heart and soul. On listening to Bhagwat Katha in the company of holy people can the heart and soul be cleaned. “

The first day of the Agr Bhagwat Katha was narrated between 3:30 pm and 6 pm. Prior to the commencement of the narration, the Agr Bhagwat was carried to the Thakur Bari temple where holy rituals were performed. Then the holy text was carried in a procession to Agrasen Bhawan on a truck where narrator Acharya Narmada Shankar Guruji sat with the Agr Bhagwat.

Chief guest and president of the Akhil Bharatiya Agrawal Sammelan Gopal Sharan Garg, guest of honour and the organization’s state president Basant Kumar Mittal, Radheshyam Agrawal, Ram Krishna Chowdhary and Dipak Bhalotia offered floral tributes before the portrait of Maharaja Agrasen. They also performed the Vyaspeeth worship. The Acharya honoured all the guests. The convener of this three day religious event is Omprakash Ringasia. The hosts for today’s event were Arun Bankrewal, Kedarmal Palsania, Subhash Sah, Rajendra Modi, Sunil Agrawal, Kailash Agrawal and Mahavir Agrawal. The members of Marwari Yuva Manch Steel City’s Surabhi branch presented floats on the important features of today’s narrative of Agr Bhagwat.

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