Lord Krishna believed in to each his own life: Acharya Goswami

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Jamshedpur, Feb 24: Today, on the fifth day of the Pran Prathishtha Mahotsav at the newly constructed Teen Devi Mandir on Thakurbari Road in Sakchi, the three deities were worshipped with clarified butter or Ghee amidst Vedic mantra recitations by the team of 21 priests led by Acharya Banke Bihari Goswami from Mathura, Lord Krishna’s birth place.

A large crowd of devotees who had congregated during today’s Mahotsav to participate in the initiation proceedings of the idols of the three Goddesses exulted on the arrival of the Divya Jyot (Holy Flame) from Rani Sati Dadi Mandir in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu. Crackers were burst as the sacred flame arrived which was later placed in the temple. This Divya Jyot will also be carried in the procession to be organized on February 25 for taking the deities on tour through the main thoroughfares of the city.

The hosts for today’s prayer proceedings were Rajkumar Chanduka, Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Ramu Jhajharia, Ashok Modi, Pawan Debuka, Kamal Mawaria, Vijay Agrawal, Mahabir Agrawal, Asish Chowdhary, Babulal Ji Garg and Ramawtar Agrawal along with their spouses.

In his sermon session today, Acharya Maharaj Banke Bihari Goswami explained Lord Krishna’s childhood pranks and the importance of playing Holi with flower petals.

The Acharya explained, “Lord Shri Krishna was many characters and many powers in one. Sometimes the Lord played pranks and faked anger with his mother, some other time he provided solace to others. If you delve deeper, it was Lord Krishna Who delivered the essence of life in the form of Gita to Arjun as Yogeshwar or the highest of Yogis. He was the epitome of love. He respected everyone’s opinion and was a model of benignity. Lord Shri Krishna always believed in everyone’s right to lead his or her own life.  Joy lies in the Lord and remembering the Lord at all times brings bliss in life.”

Acharya Maharaj Ji, while speaking on Fagun Utsav observed that with the passage of time, people were forgetting the purpose attached to this festival of colours. He underlined why, in olden times, people played Holi with flowers.

Devotees were seen holding coloured flowers and once the sermon concluded for the day, they started sprinkling flower petals on one another. Many devotees danced to the devotional songs rendered on the occasion.

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