‘Khaki teachers’ wield batons to impart lockdown lessons in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, March 30: The nationwide lockdown entered the sixth day today and people looked much tamer. They mostly stayed indoors with only those venturing out that had to get essentials. The hungry dogs, cows and the occasional bull preferred the gullies glancing at kitchen windows with hope for a morsel or two from people sympathetic towards their stomachs in agony.

Police vehicles with sirens were seen rushing along main and colony streets to see if people were moving around without rhyme or reason. Some male ones of this genre, both, young or in their teens were chased and some even caned while women and elderly people were shouted at that had immediate effect as they turned homeward as fast as their feet could carry them. This correspondent was on the street, homebound, with bread and milk from the local grocery store. As such, he simply received a khaki glare which was signal enough of the serious intent of keeping domestic higher animals away from the corona bug.

Armed with the helmet, mask, gloves and sanitizer and of course that vital media pass, this correspondent decided to cruise along the main streets to not only enjoy a ride on almost vacant stretches of road but also to take stock of the lockdown law and order situation in the city. The ‘stay indoor’ rule had been strictly ensured by an unerring police force.

The district administration too must be patted on the back for arranging vegetable markets in open areas like the Gandhi Maidan in Mango and Baradwari Ground in Sakchi. Markings to aid social distancing have been made between shops and customers and vendors. The district administration and the police are doing their best to protect people getting stuck in the holocaust of the corona web but unfortunately, one can take a horse to the water but it is up to the horse or the adamant braying species to drink. People forget that the coronavirus does not care for social, caste, creed or economic barriers. It innocuously enters human bodies and adds to bleak history of a threatened human species.

Yes, there were crowds at grocery stores and vegetable market places and the omnipresent jostling was very much in evidence in Bistupur, Jugsalai, Gudri Bazaar in station area, Burmamines, Golmuri, Kadma, Dhatkidih and Mango. Makeshift vegetable and fruit stalls near the old court too witnessed crowds though comparatively less. At a vegetable joint in Gudri Bazaar, Mohan Sharma who was in a hurry to reach home with his bags of vegetables and groceries said in a huff, “Most people in the crowd are jostling to grab the items of their requirements fast and return to the safety of their homes.” Before one knew it, he was on his way out of the market, perhaps, towards the safe confines of his home.

While scooting towards Dhatkidih from Kadma, one noticed a stationary PCR van and two policemen giving a few young ‘uns a chase with raised batons. Two were caught and given the caning of their lives (perhaps). They were screaming, grunting and moaning, asking for pardon. They were released after a couple of slaps each and scampered along to join their company waiting in the safety of some distance. “We are fed up of requesting people to stay home if they have no serious business outside. But as the saying goes, some do not see reason unless harsher means are adopted,” huffed one of the policemen who had done all the hard work by hammering in ‘sound’ advise.

It is indeed a sign of judiciousness on the part of this portion of 132 crore Indian humans who now have realized that remaining in the safe confines of home is a healthy bet against coronavirus infection. Whether this is due to realization of the virus threat or the law’s baton is not a point of consideration as of now. The district administration and police have donned the much needed stricter stance with cane being used randomly on ‘non believers’ of safety norms. Give it to them who need cane marks on their backs or wherever for sanity. After all, it is definitely insane to spare the child and spoil the rod under such jaan-leva circumstances.

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