Jharkhand in the pink of health, will continue to brighten

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Jamshedpur, Nov 19: Post the last date of filing nominations for the second phase of Assembly elections – 2019, this scribe thought it feasible to take a dekho around town and gather the thoughts of the common people who would make or break political ambitions of parties and independent candidates at the Vidhan Sabha hustings. 

Jiten Mandal of Kanderbera and a vegetable vendor at the Old Baradwari Maidan market suddenly got excited on mention of the election of December 7. He seemed a bit angry too when he said, “Those who are speaking against our Jharkhand government are dissidents who do not believe in progress and development but are only after self gain. We are illiterate but we can now feel the difference of our socio-economic status after the present government came to power. We have electricity, tubewells and community wells. Irrigation facilities for our crop fields have improved by leaps and bounds. Most of the vegetable sellers that you see in the market sell the produce of their fields. Only onions and potatoes are brought from outside as climatic conditions here do not suit these crops. It is our determination that the current Jharkhand government is the best for bringing in more development.”

Another vegetable seller from Bhuinyadih who makes door-to-door sales in the ever-expanding New Baradwari, Sitaramdera and Bhalubasa localities, Jagat Dey was quick to observe, “Why do you ask such questions? Undoubtedly, the people will bring this Jharkhand government back to power. I do not grow crops but do feel the fruits of development. We are enjoying better health facilities mostly free. I can see many children going to school now, mostly those from low income group homes. I heard that some of these children are getting uniforms and books free of cost which was unheard of before the present government took over. Yes, people are complaining about price rise of vegetables but they should understand that crops are not only dependent on quality seeds and manure that the government supplies at subsidized rates and credit schemes; they have to take into account the vagaries of nature. Why don’t the people against this determined government mention the current trend of the gradual fall in prices of many vegetables, better medical facilities and improved education system?”

Dhananjay Kumar who runs an educational institute in Sidgora was of the opinion that the current Jharkhand regime has been doing wonderful development work on the socio-economic front. He said, “Various schemes have been launched and implemented especially for the lower income group. SHGs and women’s cooperatives are sources of launching training and production projects for women to augment the family income avenues. The housing and health projects have come as a boon to the under privileged segment. What better examples of development do the perennial cribbers and opportunistic elements want? These are just forerunners of greater transformation that Jharkhand will attain only under the present state government.”

Sakchi market fish seller Pandit would not hear of any other alternative to the present Jharkhand government. He contended, “Communal harmony continues to prevail in this state, thanks to the present government. All communities are living amicably which is an eye opener for others. The centre-State combine has given the people bounties unheard of earlier. The market trend of rising prices has been effectively harnessed. Have you felt the pinch in your pocket while purchasing fish? Even vegetables’ prices are coming down. This government has helped us sail through disturbing economic times as a result of which we are a relieved lot. No other government could have survived this occasional bad patch as the current government has done for the crore and more of people of Jharkhand. This Jharkhand government should and will be returned to run this developing state.”

Putting to print about the other common people’s verdict who spoke up for the current Jharkhand government, would consume pages and yet remain incomplete. To put it in a nutshell instead, the citizens are of the strong contention that the current Jharkhand government is the fittest and ablest ever and should continue to run the wheels of progress and development where corruption has been consigned to flames of truth and positivity. As Ranendra Nath Dutta of College Road in Parsudih put it, “Jharkhand is in the pink of health and the colour of contentment will continue to brighten with the current government at the helm.”

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