Janata Curfew in Jamshedpur: Holistic realization of a threatening reality

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Jamshedpur, March 22: The response to ‘Janata Curfew’ urged by the Prime Minister evoked ‘unprovoked’ response nationwide. People and dogs and cows and all other species of life avoided the heat drenched roads and laid all busy roads bare. Humanity was sparse as were the lower animals in honour of dynamic Modi’s call to protect and be protected from the deadly grip of the coronavirus stalking mankind beyond borders.

Of course, we media mammals are different. It is our wont to roam the city and suburbs to smell news and report to the saner segment that prefers the solitude of home or office and run the eyes and mind through our printed pages to concoct mental comments aimed to vilify even good causes.

But we do not have such discretionary powers to run down good intents but do run down the streets to show things as they are. For instance today; the main virus spreaders preferred to stay home. If not Modiji, at least the infection scare nailed the husbands at home as the wives or whoever nagged them into forced meditation as suggested by Sri-Sri and other higher mortals than them (pets of the furry kinds excluded).

The busy market places in Sakchi, Bistupur, Golmuri, Telco, Burmamines, Baridih, Station Area Gudri Market, Parsudih Haat Bazaar, Sonari and Mango seemed like ghost towns.

It was not a forced curfew which the city scene presented but a self-willed, social cooperation for a universal cause. It was one rare example of a conscience reckoning human mass trying to contribute to international wellbeing.

Street urchins (bike-borne loafers in decent terms) were scarce as the girls of their flitting dreams were nowhere in sight.

The busy streets in residential areas like Baradwari seemed peaceful as these speeding monsters allowed sanity a chance to play in their helmet-less heads.

The district administration and the police must be lauded for the efforts at making the denizens see the light behind the concept of this voluntary Janata Curfew.

The awareness programmes launched district-wide to apprise people of protective measures to stave off the COVID- 19 threat, have yielded wonderful results. People are realizing their responsibility of being safe and making things safe for others.

The people did not let the police and administrative efforts go in vain as they stuck to their homes till even after 9 pm, the self-willed deadline of the people in keeping with Narendra Modi’s appeal.

The city scenario was filled with the sound of conch-shell sounds and the clanging sound of metal plates from 5 pm for more than five minutes as people doffed their hats in respect at the courageous people who are risking their own health to protect other human beings from the ravages of Coronavirus that is playing havoc universally.

Today was one of those very rare occasions when the unequivocal support for Janata Curfew exceeded caste, community and haywire political lines to be one with one holistic mission – Save Mankind.

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