Jamshedpur’s first Bistupur Public Square gets new look with added features

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Jamshedpur, Aug 8: The first-of-its-kind Public Square near Kamani Centre in Bistupur has become the centre of attraction. Known as Bistupur Public Square, the place offers people, especially shoppers and professionals in Bistupur a place to relax and unwind.

Currently final touches to the project are being given. Colourful fountains have been added to the Public Square to give a new look. 

“The idea behind the initiative is to usher in an uplifting mood and give people the right to come together in a space that is rightfully theirs. All they need are a pair of feet and a heart that beats for what is good for the city,” said an official involved in the project.

The project has been executed by city-based utility company Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Limited (erstwhile) JUSCO is being implemented in two phases. A 175mx16m area alongside the stretch between Fakira Chanachur near Jamshedpur’s oldest multi-storey market complex Kamani Center and Bank of Baroda regional office in Bistupur Main Road has been developed.

In the first phase of the project a free parking zone, fountains, public toilets, sitting arrangements have been developed. This apart there are designer lamps along with colourful fountains and swings and slides.

“Public Square has a parking bay for over 200 two-wheelers, toilet facilities for men and women, snack kiosks, a colourful fountain, a green buffer zone, separate corners for children and senior citizens,” said an official.

An official said: “It is the first Public Square of Jharkhand and Bistupur being the heartbeat of the city we decided to come up with the project here. We believe in providing world class facilities to our people. Public Square not only adds to the beauty of the city but also provides a walkway and recreation centre for the public close to the main road in a commercial hub like Bistupur”.

The citizens have also hailed the new initiative. “I love to spend my evenings here sitting and chatting with my friends. After shopping when we get tired we love to spend time here. I am looking forward to winter when during office breaks I can sit with my friends and soak under sun rays,” said Mohit Kulkarni, a private banker.

The company has also dedicated a free two wheeler parking facility at Bistupur, next to Kamani Centre. It is a 130m length open parking facility exclusively for two wheelers. It has been designed for decongestion of Road Near Kamani Centre & Bistupur. It has 250 no’s two wheeler parking capacity.

A 1.5m wall is being built to separate the square from Bistupur Main Road and ensure people are not inconvenienced by traffic.

There will be elevated pedestrian crossings and ramps for the disabled.

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