Jamshedpur: Samvaad begins Nov 15, to focus on ‘Tribalism Today’

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1300 tribals across India and overseas to attend conclave at Gopal Maidan

Jamshedpur, Nov 13: Samvaad, a one-of-its kind tribal conclave, that witnesses participation through its year-long engagement of about 10,000 tribal women and men from across the country and around the globe each year, will have its sixth edition in 2019. It will be held on November 15 – 19, 2019 at Gopal Maidan, Jamshedpur. This is a culmination of seven regional editions across Coorg, Kalahandi, Itanagar, Gadchiroli, Gumla, Jhabua and Kharagpur.

Speaking at a Press Conference on Samvaad 2019, Sourav Roy said, “Over the years, Samvaad has deeply humbled us. Having explored themes that contour the myriad facets of tribalism earlier, the sixth edition marks the time to deep dive into contemporary matters, the endeavour being to preserve the tribal way of life in this fast-changing world.” 

The conclave this year is focusing on ‘Tribalism Today’, that has been endorsed by more than 800 tribal men and women from 103 tribes across 18 states. The theme recognises that the world today is changing at an unprecedented pace which is placing complex questions, redefining success and eliciting complicated societal responses across the world but there is limited understanding on what all of this means for tribal communities as well as an openness to seek answers to some of these dilemmas which may actually rest with our tribes.

The Samvaad ecosystem, over the last five years, has developed into a platform that has reached out to more than 10,000 voices, across 17 countries worldwide and aims to provide a space to emerging voices from the tribal communities to explore aspirations and celebrate their heritage while sensitising non-tribal communities on the same.

The pan India conclave will hear stories from across the country and abroad with participation from international tribes like the Kalinago people from Dominica. Renowned development space experts and academicians like Patricia Mukhim, Subhash Ware, Professor Ramaswami Balasubramanium, Martin Macwan, and many others will engage in sharing sessions to highlight their experience in various areas that affect the communities and enrich the platform with their thoughts. The five days will therefore witness a cross-pollination of ideas among more than 1000 tribal women and men who are expected to join us at Samvaad 2019 and will also celebrate the vibrant cultures of the different tribes.

The many offshoots of Samvaad such as Tribal Cuisine, Tribal Handicraft, Tribal Healers and the cultural performances from various tribes that contribute significantly to the essence of Samvaad will bring the traditional practices and rich heritage to the ground on all five evenings.

In addition to exhibiting handicrafts, jewellery and handloom, for the first time, an open canvas at the site will showcase and celebrate the commingling of eight tribal art forms which will be painted live by 14 painters from eight tribes and eight states.

With people embracing healthier diets and nutritional food habits, tribal cuisine has become an integral part of the conclave. Samvaad will celebrate traditional dishes of Warli tribe, Nocte tribe and Rabha tribe and host a curated lunch to promote the delectable flavours of these communities. Tribal Healers on the other hand will bring traditional medicinal knowledge from the tribal communities to the ground, making available treatments for health and lifestyle issues in addition to the work of International healers.

The evenings will showcase cultural performances from more than 15 tribes including ones by Bhil, Dhamsa, Rabha, Irula, Mavilan, Jaintia, etc. Samvaad’s band Rhythms of the Earth which is bringing together 90 artists from 16 tribes and six states this year, will partner with Swarathma to contribute to the musical brilliance with the view to promote and preserve the rich, harmonious heritage of the tribal communities.

The dialogues during Samvaad have certainly intensified and discussions have become richer with each passing year, and therefore, the endeavour is to scale up and attempt to provide a platform to our communities which will be commensurate with their expectations.

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