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Jamshedpur: Massive procession taken out to celebrate Hindu New Year

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Jamshedpur, March 17 : On behalf of ‘Nava-varsha Swagat Samiti’, a welcome procession was taken out from Dimna Chowk to Aam Bagan Sakchi on Saturday afternoon. BJP, Shiv Sena, Hindu Ekta Andolan, VHP, Bajarang Dal, RSS, Hindu Jana jagruti Samiti, Sanatan Sanstha and all other pro-Hindu organizations took part in the procession.

Slogans acclaiming PrabhuSriram, Bharatmata and Hindu Dharma were raised during the procession. Devotees present during the procession took an oath, ‘’In the presence of PrabhuShri Ram I take an oath that, from today I will selflessly engage my body, mind and wealth in righteous Hindu work”.

ChaitraShuklaPatipada is celebrated as a symbol of the victory of Shri Ram who is returning to Ayodhya after killing the demonic Ravana. According to Bharatiya culture a new year is celebrated. Every year this Hindu new-year is welcomed at a number of places by arranging welcome processions. This year too the new-year was welcomed by taking out welcome processions at various places.

Hindus with a lot of enthusiasm and joy accompanied by the sounds of dhol, tasha, and lezhim in the air, in traditional clothes along with eye-catching and informative displays, welcomed the new year through a welcome procession.

Speaking at the ceremony a VHP leader said, “Today when the society is subjected to attacks of sated-ness of western culture, it is important to protect Hindu culture through the medium of such welcome processions. Hindu culture is one which looks after the welfare of human race even though a human may be of any religion.

Today terrorism is a huge threat everywhere. To face this threat it is necessary for everyone to keep aside their differences because enemies can take advantage of this. Today some people are engaged in shedding the blood of others in the name of religion.

People are being cheated in the name of religion. Recognising this ploy of the enemy, all Hindus should unite for protecting the nation, culture and society. Only if this is done a strong nation can be established in the future.

At a number of places in the district, flakes made of cloth as well as wooden boards giving best wishes showing the message ‘Celebrate New Year as per righteous science’ was displayed.

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