Jamshedpur: Kalash Yatra, Hawan Kund Mahayagna on Shri Ram Durbar initiation

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Religion unites inner self, community unites people: Maharaj

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Jamshedpur, Feb 24: A colourful procession comprising 7,100 devotees carrying water urns on their heads marched from Bhojpur Swarnrekha river bank and marched from Baridih to Sidgora Surya Mandir complex where the newly constructed Ram Mandir has been built. The procession was led by former Jharkhand Chief Minister and chief patron Raghubar Das. The procession included religious flags and festoons, devotional music and band.

The water urns were placed around the five Hawan Kunds. The holy fire was lighted amidst chant of Vedic mantras and then placed in the five Kunds for the rituals to commence. The main host, Raghubar Das along with the priests performed Go Puja (cow worship) and then prayed before the idols of the Gods placed in the Durbar. The Holy Fire was lighted with Agni Dev Pujan (God of Fire). The prayers’ session concluded with Arti.

Mithilesh Kumar who organized the Kalash Yatra (procession of devotees with urns containing holy water) said the participation was beyond expectation.

Prior to the commencement of the third day’s Pran Prathishtha Mahotsav Ram Katha programme, the main host and chief patron Raghubar Das prayed at the Vyas Peeth. Later, the main narrator from Vrindavan, Marmagya His Holiness Atul Krishna Bharadwaj Maharaj was welcomed to the seat for him to narrate from Shri Ram Katha. The incantation of Vedic Mantras by a team of priests added to the religious aura.

Explaining the difference between religion and community, Bharadwaj Ji Maharaj observed, “Religion unites inner self while community unites people. One book, one ritual, one prayer place, one particular form of divinity, one mode of worship, makes a person’s mentality narrow and retards his or her outlook on life’s philosophy of harmonious, communal living while meditating on God’s different forms defines the basis of Sanatan Dharma which is perpetual, eternal. It is the various Avatars of God that have and continue to destroy demons. The Avatars ensure victory of good over evil. These wonderful deeds were performed by Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shri Krishna when they destroyed demons in Ayodhya and Mathura. They were the Avatars of God who had descended on the earth to banish evil in the forms of Asuras from the face of the earth and protect us, mankind.”

His Holiness Marmagya Atul Krishna Bharadwaj Maharaj Ji expressed concern over the growing trend among youth to imbibe western culture forgetting the lofty ideals and traditions set by Shri Ram and Shri Krishna that have made Indian culture rich and internationally awe inspiring.

Urging the ladies in the audience of devotees, Maharaj said, “You are the tribe of mothers. If you try, it can be only you who can draw away the youth from the western trend and attach them to their roots of our culture.”

He reminded pregnant women that thought and lifestyle affected the growing fetus in their wombs. He asked them to meditate and think of God, eat simple food and adopt a positive attitude during pregnancy so that the child to be born is healthy and mentally adept.

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