Jamshedpur has fulfilled dreams of millions, enhanced India’s reputation in the world: PM Modi

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Congress and JMM desperate to come to power and plunder State’s natural wealth  

Jamshedpur: In his whirlwind campaign to Khunti and Jamshedpur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked the voters to vote for ‘double-engine of growth’ that comes with a BJP government both at the state and Centre levels. He said the subsequent governments in the state have betrayed its people. The people of Jharkhand must vote for development this time.

Targeting key opposition parties Congress and JMM, Modi said that both the parties are desperate to come to power in the State. “These parties believe in politics of ‘deception’ while the BJP believed in service of people. The only reason why both the parties are desperate to come to power is to plunder State’s natural wealth. They do not want Jharkhand to progress but they want to take control over the State to fulfill their agenda and for this they are spreading lies and rumours.  The voters need to understand that they are voting for development”.  

Amidst cheer of supporters, Modi further said Chief Minister’s chair was up for sale during Congress-JMM rule and that even today several of their leaders are under trial for corruption. Says till five years ago, Jharkhand used to be in news for political instability. In just 15 years, the state saw 10 chief ministers. However, BJP has brought stability in the State.  

Connecting to the tribal voters, Modi said that it was only after Lord Ram spent 14 years with the Adivasis (tribals) that he went on to be known as Maryada Purshotam Ram.

The Prime Minister said that when it comes to taking hard decisions, only the BJP government could do it. Citing examples of Ayodhya Ram Mandir, Artcile 370 and Tripple Talak, he said that the Government has solved major issues at ease.

Modi said, “ We all have seen how the issue of Ram temple in Ayodhya was solved peacefully. When Ram came back to Ayodhya after spending 14 years, he was hailed as Maryada Purshotam. This was because the tribals taught them culture. Lord Ram left Ayodhya as a prince but returned as ‘Maryada Purushottam’ as he spent time with Adivasis”

He accused the Congress of delaying resolution of the Kashmir problem and said that Article 370 has been removed from Jammu and Kashmir and an Adivasi Lt Governor has been entrusted with the task of taking the newly created union territories forward on the path of development. He also lauded the Raghubar Das government for ‘breaking the back’ of naxalism in the state.

Modi  blamed previous governments for not making efforts to promote the production of tussar silk in the state. He said that the production of tussar silk was 2000 Metric tonnes in the State however within five years it has increased to 2700 Matric tonnes. 

BJP government is moving forward with a vision to make Jharkhand a hub of tussar silk production. The Prime Minister said Jamshedpur and its neighbouring areas would be developed into a textile hub by promoting Tussar silk industrial units in which 1.75 lakh people are engaged.

He called Jamshedpur a land of labour, land of enterprise. He noted that this city has fulfilled dreams of millions, enhanced India’s reputation in the world.

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