Jamshedpur girl Shilpi Pande lends her voice to Kathleen Langford for Netflix web series ‘CURSED’

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Jamshedpur, Sept. 29: A dubbing artiste of repute, Shilpi Pande is making waves, literally.  Shilpi, hailing from Jamshedpur, has lent her voice to an international star Kathleen Langford in the film “CURSED” which has now made into top ten films in Netflix web series.  Acting in a main role as “Nemu” in the film, Kathleen is portrayed as a war hero.  Selected out of 50 dubbing artists, Shilpi’s voice was found to be an ideal fit for Kathleen’s role.  Her voice could be heard in Hindi version of the film titled “Shapith” which is now being aired on Netflix. 

We are in the know that dubbing of voice and to tune it to the artist perfectly dates back to almost 90 years and such dubbing work has become a regular feature in films, TV serials and currently in web series movies.  Dubbing or voiceover artists provide the voice for animated films and television shows, narrate documentaries, and do voiceovers in television and radio commercials.

Katherine Langford Cursed Credit: Netflix

Voiceover artists provide voices for animated characters including those in feature films, television programmes, animated short films and video games.  Presently, movies, serials and web series films are being dubbed in local languages more than ever to reach to a wider audience.  A voiceover artist needs to have special skills and talent as after a film is shot the recordings are lip-synced and mixed with original production and sound to match the artist’s lip movement who appears on screen. 

It is heartening to note that Jamshedpur born Shilpi has loaned her voice for many cartoon characters, Hindi films which have been dubbed from English movies and some animation movies, which is indeed making our city and the citizens proud.

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