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Jamshedpur/Saraikela. Sept 23: Siblings Rohit and Saket Anand of Adityapur Industrial Area in Saraikela-Kharsawan district opted to invest their engineering skills in creating an advance robot instead of lolling around and getting bored at home during the lockdown period and ended up creating an advanced robot that could help doctors and nurses in treating COVID infected patients getting back to normal ways. The robot can move around, turn 360 degrees and carry loads upto 20 kilograms which the ingenuous duo is trying to enhance to 200 kilograms. The robot can also converse with patients to make life sunnier for them.

Rohit Anand is a graduate in Engineering Mechatronics from ARM College in Chennai while his brother, Rohit is doing his final year in Chemical and Polymer Engineering from BIT Mesra. Both the brothers took inspiration from dad and industrialist Manoj Sinha and started designing an advanced system robot in a mere three months at a cost of Rs 75,000. The young engineer duo got a fillip in their desire for innovation with the Jharkhand government’s Startup India Policy.

The young, enterprising, engineer brothers have used advanced technology to create this robot. Rohit Anand informed, “We have installed a motherboard and computer in the system. We have also fitted three miniature computers in it. Four sensors will enable the device to turn 360 degrees. Four cameras and rechargeable batteries have been installed in the robot so that articles can be moved by it from one place to another. Presently it can easily handle a load capacity of 20 kilograms but we are developing it further to enable it to carry load upto 200 kilograms.”

Saket remarked, “The robot is controlled by an app. You can sit in one room and control its movement with the mobile application made for the purpose. The robot can carry stuff from one place to another with commands from this mobile application and the movements can be clearly observed through the cameras. While being used in COVID wards, the robot will not only help in dispensing medicines but may also chat with patients using simple terms like, ‘Namaste’ and ‘Thank you.’ We shall implant more vocabulary through advanced programming.”

At present, however, the robot will be of immense help in hospitals especially in hospitals where COVID patients are undergoing treatment. It can also be used in coronavirus prevention activities. The engineer brothers have plans to make prototypes that could be used even after the pandemic period in hotels and restaurants for carrying and serving food. 

The young engineers stated that in line with the Jharkhand government’s Niyantran Project, they are pursuing the Smart Bulb Project  which would convert an ordinary LED bulb into a smart bulb which can be controlled by a mobile application while sitting at one place and controlling the smart bulb to switch them off or on as per requirement. This will go a long way in energy conservation.

Rohit and Saket’s project for Jharkhand Startup Policy– 2016 has been selected which advocates self employment and generating employment for others. The two brothers will now be able to provide jobs to others through their own enterprise.

Rohit and Saket Anand are all geared up to launch work on establishing a Fast Prototype Laboratory to give impetus to research and innovation. Once this dream vehicle (lab) gets going researchers and innovative students can convert their dream ideas into reality in lesser time. Saket said, “All infrastructure facilities for research, innovation and entrepreneurial systems will be available under one roof. In fact, work on advanced robotics will be undertaken in this lab.”

Both, Rohit and Saket are eager to demonstrate their robot before the Jharkhand government. They are eager to gift this advanced robot to the state government so that it may be put to use in COVID care hospitals for treatment of patients and preventing infection chances among the medical teams deputed there.

The innovative, engineer siblings’ mother, Jyoti Bala Sinha beamed, “Both my children, instead of idling away their time during the lockdown period decided to do something technically helpful to beat the coronavirus pandemic and dedicated work brought about the creation of this advanced robot.”

Their father, Manoj Sinha added, “After doing my engineering course, I infused in my children that instead of looking around for jobs for themselves, they should try to generate employment. Both of them have been selected for the Jharkhand Startup Policy project. After becoming an engineer, we are designing projects for other states and companies. So, I thought why not provide opportunities to our Jharkhand students with better research facilities and create earning avenues for themselves and for others?”

Well, the dreams of proud couple Jyoti Bala and Manoj Sinha are truly on the fertile, innovative and competent shoulders of their young and enterprising engineer sons Rohit and Saket who will make them come true.

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