Indian culture places rivers on the pedestal of a mother: Dr Dinesh Mishra

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Jamshedpur, Jan 15: Environmentalists today worshipped rivers Swarnrekha and Kharkai at their meeting point known as Domohani in Sonari. Later a discussion on the status of rivers was organized in which environmentalists and those concerned with safekeeping of nature participated.

Speaking on the occasion, well known expert on rivers, writer Dr Dinesh Mishra observed, “Indian culture places rivers on the pedestal of a mother. Unfortunately, our inclination towards all things Western, has made rivers into a means of various material attainments. A mother can never be a means. When our elders used to bless us they used to say, ‘May your lives be as long as rivers, jungles, hills and mountains exist.’ This was the status tradition and culture gave to the rivers, jungles and mountains. But today, we are struggling to save these gifts of nature.”

Dr Mishra was speaking at a joint seminar of Yugantar Bharati, Swarnrekha Area Development Trust and Nature Foundation on the occasion of 15th Swarnrekha Mahotsav. Dr Mishra further stated, “Domohani is the meeting point of rivers Swarnrekha and Kharkai and the meeting point of any river is also a blending place of cultures of regions through which the rivers traverse. These rivers carry along the soil of various regions and different types of generic forms. The need now is to respect these rivers and let them remain in their natural environs.”

Manoj Singh of Swadeshi Jagran Manch as also an active member of Pariawaran Andolan discussed in detail on rivers and their upkeep. He said, “It is not possible for individuals or the government to keep the rivers clean. The rivers clean themselves. What we can and should do is to take a pledge not to pollute rivers.”

Others who spoke on the occasion were Shivpujan Singh of Varisht Nagrik Sangh and Chamber of Commerce president Ashok Bhalotia. The conclave was anchored by Anand Kumar while Ashok Goyal presented the welcome address and introduced the topic for discussion. The vote of thanks was proposed by Akash Shah.

Among those present on the occasion were trustee Asutosh Rai, Niru Singh, Subodh Srivastav, Mukul Mishra, Ajay Srivastav, Ajay Sinha, Sur Ranjan Rai, Kavita Parmar, Beauty Tiwary, Tarak Mukherjee, Manoj Singh, Raja Jhunjhunwala, Sudhir Singh, Raghavendra Pratap Singh and many others from social organizations and those related to ecological realms.

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