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Hill Top students share diverse cultural background with Ukrainian counterparts

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Face to Faith

Jamshedpur, Jan 30: Students from all religious and cultural backgrounds are coming together in classrooms all over the world through Tony Blair’s program ‘Face to Faith’ and learning that they have much more in common than they thought.

On Thursday Jan 30, a classroom of Hill Top seniors participated in a Face to Faith video conference filmed by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

The special video conference organized by the Foundation, allowed Hill Top students to video chat with students from Okhtyrka Gymnasium in Ukraine.

Among other topics, students from the two schools discussed their communities, faith, and the importance of interfaith/intercultural dialogue.

30 students from Hill Top School and 12 students from the school, Okhtyrka Gymnasium in Ukraine participated in the video conference. The conference started with the students introducing themselves and they also spoke about their families.

Students from both the end spoke about their school, which included club activities and value education.

Students’ way of life in and time spent after school was also discussed. They also spoke on how they thought their school was different from other schools.

Later the students were seen talking about their favourite festivals. Views about Christmas & Easter were shared by the students from Ukraine; how they enjoyed visiting church.

Students from Hill Top School talked about Diwali & Raksha Bandhan being their favourite because of the lights. Some students contributed by speaking about the meaning and significance of some of these festivals.

One student gave a very poetic description of Diwali: it enlightens our surroundings and gives us a sense of togetherness and happiness.

It lights up the whole of India, like it is divine and it is the lighting of our inner consciousness. Hill Top students spoke about various festivals marked by joy, repentance, sacrifice celebrated in the school & special festivals in school community.

Students also spoke about their faith, belief and values. The students of both schools questioned each other thereafter to clarify any queries.

The role of the family as well as social values was discussed. The students had a remarkable experience as they exchanged valuable information about each other’s activities at school. The facilitator congratulated the students for the successful video conference between the two schools across the globe.

Tony Blair’s Face to Faith is an innovative program for students from 12 to 17 years old.

By providing an online video platform where students from (currently) 19 different countries can discuss world issues with other students from different religions, cultures, and beliefs through face to face dialog, students are finding it easier to connect, learn, and create new perspectives and worldviews.

A main focus of the program is to have students from different belief and cultural traditions connect worldwide by participating in video conference discussions with other schools

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