Help of NGOs, social organizations to maintain social distancing in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, April 26: By the above heading it is certainly not suggested that the district and police administrations have been utter failures in promulgating social distancing norms. On the contrary, if their presence had not been there, there would certainly have been loads of COVID – 19 positive cases in East Singhbhum. Yet, prevention is always better than cure but there are oafish parts and parcels of humankind who are bent on tasting and make others taste the ghastly corona curry.

 Just the other day, I was having a mobile chat with friend, brother, theatre personality and trainer Md Nizam who too seemed concerned, like few of the other rational citizens, about the continued violation of social distancing norms. We both were appreciative of the district administration’s efforts and the police role in their valiant pursuit of implementing lockdown norms. But there are certain segments of people who, in spite of being fully aware of the sensitive aspects of infection, seem disinclined to lead a life of safety and good health. They are awake to the worldwide corona trauma and yet they feign ignorance. What is more, they are well read but God alone knows if they are well bred. They are constantly being updated on the COVID – 19 status the world over by the print and electronic medias but they continue to lurk and crowd around town to catch the virus and infect all others who come in their contact.

So far, the entire Kolhan Region has not recorded a single positive case and this is one district among the three that stands out as a corona free zone.

During our chat, brother Nizam suggested, “I personally feel that many NGOs and socio cultural organizations will readily cooperate with the district administration by volunteering to work with it to maintain social distancing in areas like market places and other city points where people tend to crowd, and help enforce discipline among a sadly undisciplined lot.”

I presume, I am a far saner individual than the lot of woes on two feet and thus am naturally inclined to endorse Nizam’s views. And why not? Many social organizations are working up front providing food and essential supplies among a needy mankind and I am doubly sure that these plus other organizations would be too eager to help the administration in tightening the screws on wayward people without the remotest semblance of social concern. On my way to my office or to the chemist or grocer, I continue to see carefree citizens going about without masks, moving double and even triple ride on two wheelers especially the young acrobatic brats and of course people of more or less my age included, in an attempt to put to pandemic gallows a chaste mankind. Yesterday, while on my way to the press, I saw police personnel battling out under the summer noon sun, stop a couple on a scooter at the Kasidih-Kalimati Road checkpost. I was on my scooter right behind them and so I tilted my helmet a little and heard one policeman telling them politely, “When you know you cannot carry a pillion rider, why are you doing it? I can book you but I am letting you go. Don’t do it again.” The man slithered off with his scooter and his wife. Whether he will retain the message or get admonished at another checkpost another time depends on the man’s social credentials. Now how can one create social distancing between ‘legalized’ couples or otherwise, is a food for thought that such couples should individually, while maintaining social distance, ponder on if their thought pots have not already been ‘sanitized.’

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