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Jamshedpur, Aug 18: Never before had the subject of Rabindranath Tagore’s impact on master celluloid storyteller Satyajit Ray’s cinema been discussed so cohesively and effectively as in ‘Orbits Of Convergence – Ray’s Tagore,’ a skillful creation of director Subha Pal. Her unique style of scripting an assiduous research work is a presentation to be lauded over and over again. Kudos must also be showered on Maitrayee Ray for bringing this vital discussion on the Jamshedpur platform at the best place for such an event, The Rabindra Bhawan.

Tagore Society has always been in the forefront for backing meaningful cultural presentations with social underliners. Backed by Tata Steel, known for its social bent that includes the sports and cultural scenarios that has made the city famous for such pursuits apart from making world class steel, the Convergence did open the eyes for many purists who swear by the two immortal legendary names.

The narratives were in English and the songs and dialogues in Bengali comprised works of Rabindranath and Satyajit Ray. The dialogues were from Ray’s film scripts while the songs and music compositions were a blend of Tagore and Ray.

Ray, in his prime of youth was attracted to western music and western films. But Rabindranath had a deep impact on his mind ever since Ray, as a six year old met Kobi Guru for an autograph. The World Poet obliged his tiny fan not only with an autograph but a six line poem too. The filmmaker, on the insistence of his mother, did a two year course in painting at Shantiniketan Vishwa Bharati University, a dream vehicle of Rabindranath.

In his films, Satyajit Ray made subtle deviations in Tagore’s story lines for purposes of cinematic necessities but these changes did not affect the narrative in the least. In fact, Ray made films on five short stories and novels written by Tagore. The very fact how he visualized Rabindranath’s thoughts, concepts and philosophies has been tellingly told in his celluloid works of international acclaim. The other pertinent point is that Tagore’s impact on the filmmaker’s mind is reflected in almost all of Ray’s cinematic journey that has brought him international fame and glory the Palme de Ors and Oscar being just a few of the other recognitions. These and other facets of the Tagore – Ray Convergence have been intrinsically interwoven in Subha Pal’s script. Best of all, the convergence of all the performing artistes into one spell-binding unit speaks volumes for ‘Orbits Of Convergence – Ray’s Tagore’ as a learning experience rarely encountered not only by Jamshedpur citizens but by all wherever the show has been performed.

The glitterati of the performing media were there to blend with the theme. Famed stage, cinema and small screen actor Biplab Das Gupta, director Subha Pal, the invincible three times national award and internationally acclaimed filmmaker, actor and elite theatre personality Ashoke Viswanathan, actor singer Debashish Raychaudhury, TV news anchor and actor Pranati Tagore, singer actor Subhashish Majumder, actor singer Rohini Ray Chaudhury, singer actor Rajeeb Chattopadhyay and singer Susweta Mukherjee were at their performing best in this production.

The review would seem half baked if a word on Rohini Ray Chaudhury is not mentioned. She is gifted with not only a mellifluous voice but her vocal variations on Tagore’s compositions have to be heard and felt to make sure that she is one of the best in her genre nationwide. Her passion and hard work shows in her rendition of intricate compositions as well her acting caliber. Rohini is a rare wonder destined to make it big if discovered by big time music makers.

The master musicians comprising Surajit Das, Dibyendu Banerjee and Nandan Das Gupta mesmerized the audience with their skillful instrumental combinations. Arindam Kanodia was excellent in projecting the visuals of clips from Ray’s works. Weather beaten man for all performing seasons, Asim ‘Nepu’ Dey handled the audio and light effects with his own inimitable dexterity. To put it in a nutshell, the Jamshedpur audience was treated to a rare, complex, delicate and master blend of two great minds, Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray.

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