Fighting COVID-19: TMH adopts holistic environment for patients

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Jamshedpur, May 31: Tata Main Hospital (TMH), the first private laboratory in Jharkhand to receive the approval for conducting COVID-19 testing, is ensuring a holistic environment for Covid-19 patients to enable recovery. This includes regular monitoring of vitals (body temperature, heart rate, respiration, oxygenation etc.), provision of medicines and nutritious food, hygiene and care. The hospital is providing moral boost to the patients rather than just focussing on medicinal treatment for early recovery of patients.

Dr Rajan Choudhry, general manager, medical services, Tata Steel said that TMH currently has 50 Covid-19 positive patients and 58 COVID-19 suspects in the isolation ward. Two COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in the ICU. All the patients are being monitored constantly and are in medically stable condition. The hospital has conducted 2717 RT-PCR tests so far; achieved the highest mark of 194 tests in a single day on May 28. A majority of the COVID patients at TMH are asymptomatic.

 Meanwhile, Tata Steel Foundation’s (TSF’s) Combat Covid-19 ten-point agenda, launched more than two months ago, continues to deliver help and care to people not just in Jamshedpur but other states as well. A large number of volunteers are also joining the mission in every way possible. The programmes, including meal distribution, aligning farmers to households, bridging communication gaps within communities, cash for work, distribution of ration packets etc. are continuing in full force.

 Tata Steel Foundation, through its various initiatives, has reached out to ~25000 migrant workers from 23 states in last 10 days. The Foundation launched a new initiative named ‘Hope Springs’ last week to help migrant workers returning home and has reached out to 7000 workers in last 8 days. As part of the Hope Springs initiative, the foundation has set-up an outpost on NH-33 highway to help the migrants in their journey back home. Each day, about 700 to 1000 migrants seek help at this outpost. This outpost is open from 5 am to 10 pm to help migrants with meals, ration kits, medical help, and more. A team of doctors stationed at the outpost has treated and helped about 550 people with basic medical essentials. 

 In another important initiative, TSF and the district administration is working together with nine NGOs to do the skills assessment of the migrant workers. More than 2000 people have been assessed so far.

 In the last 60 days, TSF has reached out to 5.12 lakh people in 25 states. 26 lakh meals have been distributed since the beginning of the first lockdown which started on March 25, 2020. About 42,340 ration kits have been distributed so far which would suffice as meals for a family of five people for 20 days.

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