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Experts brainstorm on ‘Changing Nature of Careers’ at XLRI

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5 papers and plenary session held on concluding day of International Conference

Jamshedpur, Dec. 16: The ‘International Conference on the Changing Nature of Careers’ organised by XLRI- Xavier School of Management on 14th – 15th December, 2018, concluded on Saturday. The conference was anchored by the Centre for Human Resource Development (CHRD) of XLRI.

The day’s events commenced with Keynote Address by Dr. Michael Arthur, Co-chair and Professor Emeritus at Suffolk University. He spoke on the topic ‘Career Ownership and Changing Employment Relationships’. The other sessions of the day consisted of – 5 Paper Sessions and the Plenary Session.

The first Paper Session of the day was on the topic – ‘Career Orientation’. Chaired by Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues, the session experts and academicians present papers on the topic. The first paper at the session – ‘Extending Person – Job Fit: The Role of Career Fit’ was presented by Dr. Jeffrey C. Kennedy; Lama Blaique presented paper on ‘Occupational Commitment of Women in STEM Fields: The Impact of Coping Self-Efficacy and Mentoring’.

The study attempted to shed light on the dynamic approaches adopted by females in STEM fields to overcome occupational challenges. Anupama KondayYa presented paper the paper- ‘An Ayurveda-Based Model for Career Planning and Vocational Guidance’. The paper explored insights from the ancient system of Ayurveda that can help add to our understanding of personality, and proposes an Ayurveda-based model to facilitate more informed career planning and effective vocational guidance.

The second Paper Session on the topic – ‘Changing Employment Relationships: Perceived Organizational Support’ was chaired by Dr. Angela Stephanie Mazzetti. At the session, Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues presented paper on ‘The Link between Protean and Boundaryless Career Orientations and Extra-Role Behaviors: Exploring the Indirect Effects of Organizational Commitment and Perceived Organizational Support’. The aim of the paper was to evaluate elements of the new career exchange and, more specifically, the impact of new career orientations on organizational citizenship (OCBs) and workplace deviant behaviours (WDBs). The next paper – ‘Gen Y Work Values, Perceived Organizational Support And Job Attitudes: Career Perception Study In Public Sector’ was a study attempted to understand the Indian Gen Y employees working in public sector with respect to Work Values, Perceived Organizational Support (POS), workplace behavior like Felt Obligation, Affective Commitment, and the effect of all of these on their job attitudes i.e. Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention. The paper was presented by Ruchika Yadav. Sadhna Dash presented the next paper – ‘A New Psychological Contract Framework For Managing Sustainable Careers’ and Pavni Kaushiva presented the paper – ‘When Taking A Break Puts Brakes On Women’s Careers: Starting Second Careers’.

The third Paper Session of the day on the topic – ‘Changing Employment Relationships: Managing Talent and New Ways of Working’ was chaired by Dr. Shreyashi Chakraborty. At the session, Vijay Kumar S presented paper – ‘Catenation of Flexible workplace practices and Careers – Are academics and practitioners tangential?’; The next paper – ‘In It To Win It? Contest Entry Timing and User Participation in Crowdsourcing Contests’ was presented by Dr. Swanand J. Deodhar. Dr. Anneleen Forrier presented the paper – ‘Vertical Age Dissimilarity In Relation To Employability: The Role of Performance and Career Support’.

The next Paper Session on the topic – ‘Career Development and HRD Challenges’ was participated by Satish Pandey, who presented the paper – ‘Boundarlyless Career, Career Development and National HRD Challenges’; Dr. Vinay Kumar, who presented the paper – ‘Proletariat to Precariat: A study of Shop floor’; and Dr. Deepa Dass, who presented the paper – ‘Education and Career: A Paradigm Shift in Global World of Work’.

The final Paper Session, chaired by Dr. Alok Kumar was on the topic – ‘Education and careers’. The session commenced with Dr. Archana Singh and Stuti Chakraborty’s paper – ‘Entrepreneurship Education and Change in Career Choices: An Exploration’, that explored the role of entrepreneurship education in influencing the career choices and job preferences in the country context of India. While Vivek G Nair presented the paper – ‘The evolution of Indian MBA Careers in a globalized economy: An exploratory, qualitative study’, the last paper presented was ‘A Study Of Academic Careers In An Indian Context’ by Ravishankar Venkata Kommu.

The Plenary Session, chaired by Professor Michael Arthur was participated by the eminent speakers like – Madhavi Lall, CHRO Deutche Bank; Dr. Lillian Eby, University of Georgia; Dr. Tammy Allen, University of South Florida; S Sridhar, CHRO ITC and Dr. Jelena Zikic, York University who discussed on the topic ‘Career and Talent Management Challenges: Linking Theory and Practice’.

The two-day long conference concluded with a Post Conference Workshop by Dr. Michael Arthur on ‘The Intelligent Career Card Sort (ICCS ) Career Exploration System: Its Application in Businesses and B-Schools’.

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