Everything will move on but first life has to go on: Jamshedpur’s Bolly actress Soni Singh

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Jamshedpur, Aug 24: The lockdown phase has in its wake inflicted a sense of fear for COVID-19 infection among all segments of mankind and the curse includes joblessness, home confinement, solitary life, frustration, financial pressures, morbidity, stress, depression that have made coping with life challenging to the extreme. Those who have buckled under these pressures have ended their lives by committing suicide. The performing medium has seen many losses in this genre. But thankfully, many among the courageous human beings have not wilted under such devastating pressures and are continuing to meet life on their terms. One such person is Bollywood actress and model Soni Virendra Singh with roots in Jamshedpur.

“We are living through coronavirus times. Things are not the same anymore. Lifestyles have changed through this lockdown period. Life without work has seen a steep incline on the suicide graph. Mumbai is such a mega polis where one has to take care of oneself. Nobody cares for anyone else,” feels Soni Singh who has gradually been making herself count in the performing fraternity in the tinsel town of Mumbai. She has trekked a decade along the tunnel of struggle until she could see a glimmer of hope in the tunnel at the other end of sustained hope.

Soni during her telephonic chat with this correspondent openly discussed life during pandemic times. She talked of Corona, lockdown and web series which are now in vogue. The actress who played Ma Ganga in the hit serial, ‘Jai-Jai Bajrangbali,’ said that while moving to Mumbai from Jamshedpur to pursue a career in acting and modeling was not easy. It was a long period of struggle of almost 10 years before she could bask in the limelight of popularity. “My courage stood by me all along. Where many had given up midway I stuck to it determinedly. I have been in the industry as an actress and model. I have been acting in popular serials, movies and now in web series. Everything was moving smoothly until COVID-19 emerged and lockdown was clamped.”

Soni Singh has left her stamp of mature and sensitive performances in vehicles like ‘Madhubala,’ ‘Parvarish,’ Sankat Mochan Hanuman,’ ‘Jai-Jai Bajrangbali,’ ‘Ma Kali,’ ‘Afreen (music album),’ ‘Sheena Murder Case (short film)’ ‘Mand Buddhi,’ and many others. She was also adjudged ‘Miss North’ in a ramp show in 2008. She said that things were moving smoothly and satisfactorily until lockdown was promulgated.

The demure actress observed, “Since the past few months work has been difficult to come by. There is no income but there is no cessation in expenses. Living in a rented apartment in Mumbai and surviving is one of the biggest challenges. Depression was catching up with me too. Some people have committed suicide due to acute financial stress. Some actors too have ended their lives. There is no support except your financial reserves. But I am brave, I am a fighter. Life is God’s gift and as long as there is life, there is hope. Better times are bound to come. After the darkest night there is always a bright morn.”

Soni stated that filmmakers were finding a good option in web series. Most such productions have bold scenes she said and she was getting offers for such productions. “I am acting in such series but do see my performance as a dim witted woman. See this art movie. If this venture is bold, don’t forget that I have also performed in religious films and serials. After all I am an artiste. The entire team is there and we have to shoot in front of it. Sometimes we have to perform upto 12 hours before the camera. There are no real feelings. All are professionals and do their work professionally. In any case, apart from this bold web series there are some more offers which will explore my versatility in acting.”

Well Soni Singh is indeed bold. She is from Jamshedpur where talents are nurtured and made including guaranteed steel.

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